Pavement Evaluation

Areas of R & D and Consultancy Activities

Areas of R & D

  1. Pavement Performance Studies
  2. Structural and Functional Evaluation of Highway and Airport Pavements
  3. Rehabilitation Design
  4. Pavement Maintenance Management System
  5. Pavement Deterioration Modelling
  6. Investigation of Causes of Distress / Failures and Needed Remedial Measures
  7. Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement
  8. Characterization of road building materials

Consultancy / Core Activities

  1. Structural and functional evaluation of flexible and rigid pavements
  2. Testing, evaluation and characterization of road construction materials
  3. Design, construction and maintenance of flexible pavements
  4. Pavement performance evaluation and distress / failure investigations
  5. Strengthening / rehabilitation of flexible pavements
  6. Design and evaluation of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement
  7. Quality control, quality assurance and quality audit of road works
  8. Axle load studies for planning of M & R strategies
  9. Pavement deterioration modeling
  10. Techno-economic analysis of road projects
  11. Development of pavement maintenance management system
  12. Evaluation of PCN for airfield pavements and maintenance and rehabilitation needs

Infrastructure Facilities

  1. Automated Road Survey System/ Network Survey Vehicle
  2. Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) and Heavy Falling Weight Deflectometer (HWD) for Structural Evaluation of Highways and Runways
  3. Fifth Wheel Bump Integrator for Roughness Measurement
  4. ROMDAS-Bump Integrator
  5. Roughometer-III
  6. DIPSTICK and Walking Profiler for Measuring Absolute Roughness
  7. Accelerated Polishing Testing Machine for determining the Polished Stone Value of Aggregates
  8. British Pendulum Tester for Measurements of Surface Friction of Pavement Surface
  9. Mu-meter (Skid Resistance Measurements for Highway and Airfield Pavements)
  10. Electronic Static Wheel Load Scales
  11. Automatic Traffic Counters cum Classifiers
  12. Weigh in Motion System
  13. MTS-Repetitive Triaxial Testing Equipment for Characterization of Materials
  14. Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement Making Machine
  15. Core cutting Machines
  16. Materials Testing Laboratory for Soils, Aggregates, Bituminous Binders and Bituminous Mixes

Training Programmes

  1. Maintenance and rehabilitation of flexible pavements
  2. Structural and functional evaluation of pavements
  3. Pavement maintenance management system
  4. Design, construction and maintenance of Interlocking Concrete Block Pavement
  5. HDM-4 applications for M&R strategies

Software Tools

  1. HDM-4’ for Pavement Maintenance Management System and M&R Planning and Budgeting
  2. ‘PDM’ for Pavement Deterioration Modeling
  3. ‘Roadface’ for Computation of International Roughness Index (IRI)
  4. Analysis of Pavement Deflections Data
  5. AutoCAD-2009
  6. Arc Editor

Laboratory and Field Testing Facilities

  1. Nuclear density meter
  2. Roughness measurements for highway and airfield pavements
  3. Standardization of Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder / Bump Integrator
  4. Axle load spectrum surveys using static weigh pads and weigh-in-motion system
  5. Triaxial testing of materials under cyclic loading
  6. Testing of soils, aggregates, bituminous binders and bituminous mixes
  7. Frictional properties of pavement surface
  8. Polished stone value of road aggregates

Significant Achievements

  1. Roughness study on Golden Quadrilateral Network of NHs
  2. Interlocking concrete block pavement in desert area
  3. Pavement Performance studies
  4. Strengthening requirements for National Airports
  5. Pavement condition surveys for road network in UP state
  6. Spectrum of axle loads on National Highways
  7. Master plan for strengthening and improvement of roads in Delhi
  8. A manual on “Airfield Pavements”
  9. Development of pavement deterioration models for Indian conditions
  10. Quality audit of completed road projects in NCR
  11. Evaluation of road network in NDMC area
  12. Pavement design for roads in Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust
  13. Evaluation of several airports for PCN value and rehabilitation design
  14. Road Asset Management Study

Systems and Technologies Developed by the Division

  1. Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder (ARUR)
  2. Profilograph
  3. Unevenness Indicator
  4. Stopping Distance Method for measurement of surface friction

Software and Databases developed by the Division

  1. Pavement deterioration modeling (PDM) – Software
  2. Riding Quality data on completed Golden Quadrilateral projects – Database
  3. Development of GIS Based National Highways Information System – Database

Contribution to Standards

  1. “Guidelines for Surface Evenness of Highway Pavements”; IRC: SP:16-2004
  2. “Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Water Bound Macadam (WBM)” (IRC:19-2005) - Third Revision
  3. “Guidelines for Maintenance Management of Primary, Secondary and Urban Roads”; Published in Indian Roads Congress - 2004