Technologies for Commercialisation

In the recent past, CSIR-CRRI has developed few technologies which are of very high value to the Road Fraternity. These Technologies are listed below and are available for Technology Transfer.

Technologies for Commercialisation:-

Road Safety Awareness Campaign - For Road Safety Week-9th to 15th January 2017

The number of deaths and injuries in the road accidents is continuously on the rise in India.   More than half of the persons killed every year in India are economically active age group of 25 to 65 years. Developed countries have successfully reduced road traffic deaths by prioritizing safety. Roa

Download Admit Card for the Examination of Junior Hindi Translator

Roll No. Name Download Admit Card
20001 Ms. Saurabh Chauhan Admit Card

Traffic signal timers save fuel: CRRI

Newspaper: The Times of India
Date: 9th August 2016
Edition: New Delhi

Timers at traffic intersections are important to save fuel. According to the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), which is doing an awareness campaign for its study on monetising fuel wasted at traffic signals, without these timers, it is difficult for motorists to keep track of time, leading to wastage of fuel.

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