Characteristics of Commuters of Metro in Delhi

For about 27% of Trip Distance (which is accessible distance of Metro Station), Commuter is spending almost 50% of Journey Time and 67% of Travel Cost.

Source: CRRI (2014). Development and Application of Technologies for Sustainable Transportation - SUSTRANS, 12th FYP Network Project, CSIR-Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), New Delhi, 2014.


Addition of facility in Road Asset Management Group of CRRI for conducting Dynamic Modulus, Flow Number and Flow Time Tests (NCHRP Project 9-29)


  • Dynamic Modulus – Absolute value of Complex Modulus (dividing peak to peak stress by peak to peak strain subjected to sinusoidal loading)
  • Flow Number – Number of repeated load cycles (repeated compressive stress pulses) corresponding to the minimum accumulation rate of change of permanent axial strain

                        - Related to rutting resistance of HMA

Dr.S.Velmurugan was bestowed with the Outstanding Scientist Medal by the Construction Industry Development Council (CIDC) in March, 2015 during the 7th Viswakarma Award Function

Vishwakarma Award is instituted by CIDC (An organisation started by the erstwhile Planning Commission, Government of India and the Construction fraternity) aimed at motivating individuals and organizations to raise their performance in their specific domain leading to significant contribution for the growth and development of the Indian Construction Industry. - The first ever person in CSIR - CRRI to acquire such a distinction.

Agreement signed between CSIR-CRRI and Bihar Rural Road Development Agency (BRRDA), Patna on 21st Apr, 2015 on Cold Mix Technology for construction maintenance of Roads

Scope of the agreement: this agreement details the modalities, the terms and conditions, financial arrangements, intellectual properties rights (IPR), responsibilities and obligations of each party pertaining to the technology.

SUPREME Bituchem India Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra, 10th Apr, 2015 Technology Transfer for Technology Transfer for PATCHFILL

This is an invention of machine mainly for quick, safe and economic repair of potholes, which have been always problem for Indian roads.Regardless of its small size it yet provides effective results and the efficiency could match to any of the giant machine serving the same purpose.


Gemini Power Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra, 10th Apr, 2015 Technology Transfer for SETUCARE

The Mobile Inspection Unit (MBIU) is an electro – mechanical device mounted on a truck which provides access to hidden parts of bridges or similar infrastructures for their proper inspection.

New Process Technology Developed for Harder Grade Bitumen VG-40

IS:73-2013 specified four grades of bitumen such as VG-10, VG-20, VG-30 and VG-40. Indian refineries are producing only two grades of paving bitumen such as VG-10 and VG-30, which are not adequate for entire prevailing climate and traffic conditions of India. IRC:111-2009 recommend VG-40 bitumen, if commercial vehicles exceed 2000 per lane per day.  Recently Indian Road Congress Standard (IRC:37-2002) focus for use of harder grade bitumen for high modulus mixes and better performance.

Intellectual Property Filed (2015)


IP Filed

  • International Patent Filed with United State (US) on W Design For Box Insertion Through Highly Unstable Cohesionless Soil By Stabilisation Of Vertical Cut Slopes on 16th January, 2015.
  •  International Patent Filed with Sri Lanka (LK) on W Design For Box Insertion Through Highly Unstable Cohesionless Soil By Stabilisation Of Vertical Cut Slopes on 19th January, 2015.
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