Research Papers Published in Journals

Topic Authors Journal
Emotions and Two-Wheeler Riding: Perspectives of College-Going Youth Riders Seema Mehrotra, Paulomi M. Sudhir, Manoj K. Sharma, Neelima Chakraborty, Rajeev Joseph Michael, Rajesh Kumar and Humera Banu Journal of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology July 2016, Vol.42, No.2, 272 - 280.
Visual limitations for drivers and problems of road accidents Neelima Chakraborty, Purnima Parida, Arun Lakshman and Kamini Gupta Bharatiya Vaigyanik evam Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika (BVAAP)
An automated system for measuring pavement deflection basin parameters under dual tyres assembly of a vehicle Huidrom Lokeshwor, G.K. Vij, D.C. Sharma Indian Highways Journal, Vol. 41(71), July 2013, pp.11-16.
Inclination to speeding and its correlates among two‑wheeler riding Indian youth Rajeev J. Michael, Manoj K. Sharma, Seema Mehrotra, Humera Banu, Rajesh Kumar, Paulomi M. Sudhir, Neelima Chakrabarthy Association of Industrial Psychiatry of India, Volume 23, Issue 2, Jul-Dec 2014
A portable low-cost system framework for automated road distress assessment Huidrom Lokeshwor, L.K. Das, Namita Akoijam Indian Highways Journal, Vol. 42(6), June 2014, pp.43-55.
Robust method for automated segmentation of frames with/without distresses from road surface video clips Huidrom Lokeshwor, L.K. Das, Savita Goel Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, Vol. 140(1) January 2014, pp. 31–41
Analysis of Driver Behaviour and Crash Characteristics during Adverse Weather Conditions NeelimaChakrabartya, KaminiGupta Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 104 ( 2013 ) 1048 – 1057
Training Needs Analysis: A Case Study of Loco Pilots Reetesh Rikkua, Neelima Chakrabarty Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 104 ( 2013 ) 1105 – 1111
चालक का मनोशारीरिक मूल्यांकन : सड़क सुरक्षा का एक अनिवार्य उपचार नीलिमा चक्रवर्ती, कामिनी गुप्ता, पुर्णिमा परिदा एवं निशि मितल भारतीय वैज्ञानिक एवं औधोगिक अनुसंधान पत्रिका
Method for automated assessment of potholes, cracks and patches from road surface video clips Huidrom Lokeshwor, L.K. Das, S.K. Sud Procedia: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Elsevier, Vol. 104(2) December 2013, Pages 312–321
Two-Wheeler Riding Patterns, Perceptions and Aggressive Riding Behavior among College Youth Humera Banu, Neelima Chakrabarty, Rajeev J. Michael, Rajesh Kumar Paulomi M. Sudhir, Manoj K. Sharma, Seema Mehrotra International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology
Evaluation of Variability In On-Road Vehicle Fuel consumption Under Controlled Conditions P.V. Pradeep Kumar, Anil Singh, Niraj Sharma, Ch. Ravi Sekhar International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering Volume 3, Special Issue 3: ICERTSD 2013, Feb 2013, pages 84-88
A study of factors influencing the severity of road crashes involving drunk drivers and non drunk drivers S. Velmurugan, S. Padma, E. Madhu, S. Anuradha, S. Gangopadhyay Research in Transportation Economics, Volume 38, Issue 1, February 2013, Pages 78–83
Automated detection and measurement of cracks from monochrome video clips captured by a Road Network Survey Vehicle Huidrom Lokeshwor, L.K.Das, S.K. Sud Indian Highways Journal, Vol. 41(1), January 2013, pp.91-103.
Automated detection and measurement of potholes from road surface video clips Huidrom Lokeshwor, L.K.Das, S.K. Sud Journal of Highways Research, Vol. 5(2), July-December 2012, pp.9-18.
Development of Congestion Cost Equations for Multilane Highways in India Velmurugan, S.;Madhu, Errampalli;Nataraju, Jakkula;Ravinder, Kayitha; Transportation Research Board of the national academies, Annual Meeting 2012
Estimation of Roadway Capacity of Eight-lane Divided Urban Expressways under Heterogeneous Traffic through Microscopic Simulation Models Errampalli Madhu and S. Velmurugan International Journal of Science and Technology Education Research Vol 1(6) November 2011
Development of free-speed equations for assessment of road-user cost on high-speed multi-lane carriageways of India on Plain Terrain Errampalli Madhu*, S. Velmurugan, K. Ravinder and J. Nataraju Current Science, Vol. 100, No. 9, 10 May 2011
Recommendations for driver licensing and traffic law enforcement in India aiming to improve road safety Ashish Verma, S. Velumurugan, Neelima Chakrabarty and Sushma Srinivas Current Science, Vol. 100, No. 9, 10 May 2011
Critical Evaluation of Roadway Capacity Of Multi-Lane High Speed Corridors Under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions Through Traditional And Microscopic Simulation Models S. Velmurugan, Errampalli Madhu, K. Ravinder, K. Sitaramanjaneyulu & S. Gangopadhyay Journal of the Indian Roads Congress, October-December 2010
Recent Trends of Road construction in India Dr. B K Durai Civil Engineering & Construction Review, March 2010
Lasers in Highway Engineering Y C Tiwari, Usha Kiran Indian Highway, IRC, Vol.38, No.2, March 2010
A Pilot Study of Benzene in Delhi Rina Singh, Anuradha Shukla, Dr. S Gangopadhyay Journal of Air Pollution Control, March 2010
Assessment of Policies towards Environmentally Sustainable Urban Transport System: Case study of Delhi, India. J Han, Kirti Bhandhari, Y Hayashi Journal of Urban Planning & Development, ASCE, Vol.136, No.1, 86-93, March 2010
Determination of Arsenic & Mercury Metals in Suspended Particulate Matter by Flame/Flameless Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer Nahar Singh, Sippy K Chauhan, Trailokys Saud, Mohit Saxena, Daya Soni, Khem Chand, Alok Mukherjee, T K Mandal, J K Bhasin, Prabhat K Gupta Atmospheric Pollution Research 1, 112-117, 2010
Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Clearance Process for Road & Highway Projects in India Dr. Niraj Sharma, Anuradha Shukla, R Dhyani, Dr. S Gangopadhyay Civil Engineering & Construction Review, 23: 86-96, 2010
Rock Mass & Slope Mass Characterisation of Kaliasaur Landslide Area on NH-58 and Correlation of Results with Deformation Conditions(UttaraKhand) Shivashis Kimothi, Dr. Kishor Kumar, Sudhir Mathur Himalayan Geology, Vol.31(2), pp 133-143, 2010
Power Based Inorganic Stabiliser for construction of Sub-base And Base Layers of Road Pavement A K Sinha, Dr. Vasant G., Havanagi, Sudhir Mathur Indian Highways, IRC, Vol.39(1), pp 33-44, Feb. 2010
Innovation methods And appropriate Technologies for development of Rural Roads Dr. S Gangopadhyay Indian Highways, IRC, Dec.2009
Modeling Passenger Mode of Choice behavior For modern cities in India A Mohan Rao, Dr. P K Kanchan, DR. B K Durai Indian Urban Transport Journal, Vol.8, No.1, Dec. 2009