Bump Integrator

Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder / Bump Integrator

  • Bump IntegratorAn Indigenous device developed by CRRI
  • It comprises of a standard pneumatic wheel mounted within a rectangular frame with single leaf spring on either side.
  • Spring dashpots mounted on the leaf spring provide damping for the suspension
  • Integrating unit, mounted on one side of the frame integrates the unevenness in cm.
  • For the measurement It is towed by a jeep at a constant speed of 32 kmph under standard tyre pressure of 2.1 kg/cm2 along the designated wheel path
  • Bumps in cm and corresponding road length in terms of wheel revolution pulses are displayed / recorded on a panel board

Vehicle Mounted Bump Integrator With GPS (ROMDAS Bump Integrator)

  • Bump IntegratorIt is a Vehicle Mounted Bump Integrator System
  • This Vehicle Mounted Bump Integrator consists of an integrating unit which is mounted in the dicky on the rear axle of a car/jeep.
  • Integrating unit, mounted on the dicky integrates the unevenness in cm or pulses.
  • For the measurement vehicle is run at a constant speed of 32 kmph
  • Bumps in cm or pulses and corresponding road length in meters are recorded on a computer based data acquisition system.