CSIR-CRRI Announces International Webinar on Ground Improvement Techniques for Highway Construction, MAY 29 – 30, 2020 10.00 -14.00 (IST)


It has been observed that quite often Highway pavements constructed over/with weak soils fail miserably due to settlement and shear failure under heavy structural loads. In such situations, soil needs to be improved for overall safety and stability of Highway. Different techniques of ground improvement are used to modify and achieve the different geotechnical characteristics i.e. Increase in Bearing capacity; Increase in shear strength; Reduction in total and differential settlements; decrease in liquefaction potential of soil, reduction of swelling and cracking ofsoils; Improvement in drainage etc. Choice of a ground improvement technique depend on in situ geotechnical characteristics of sub soil, fill material; Drainage conditions and most importantly, the cost and time available to complete the project. This webinar focusses on different types of Ground improvement techniques viz. Stone columns; Prefabricated Vertical Drains, vacuum consolidation; and TAM Grouting. It also covers ground stabilization with soil nailing and Reinforced Earth Wall techniques

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Registration fee for attending this webinar is Rs. 1000/- for domestic delegates and USD 20 for foreign delegates, which can be directly paid through RTGS/Net banking in CRRI bank account. Visit https://forms.gle/nRy4wGov7EcVvbDt5 fill up the form for registration.