Purchase Section

  • Procurement of all  Goods required for R&D and Non R&D activities.
  • Procurements of Imported Items for   R&D projects.
  • Procurements of Indigenes Items for  R&D projects/ Non R&D function.
  • Procurements of Office Stationery and Computer Consumables.
  • Survey works at sites
  • Annual Maintenance Contracts of Scientific and Office Equipment
  • Repairs of Scientific and Office Equipments
  • Insurance of Scientific /Office Equipments, Vehicles and Employees.
  • Emergent Purchase / Cash Purchase Advances

Staff List of Purchase Section

Sh. Mahipal Singh

Stores & Purchase Officer

Mr. Sumer Singh Chhachhia

Section Officer

Mr. Virendra Kumar Dussya


Mrs. Rachna


Sh. Kartik

Jr. Secretariat Assistant