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Three methods of PCU estimation at Unsignalised intersections Mithun Mohan and Satish Chandra Transportation Letters: the International Journal of Transportation Research, 10(2), 68-74 (2018)
Modeling travel time of car with varying demand on an urban midblock section Bharti, A. K., Ravisekhar, Ch. and Satish Chandra Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems, 22(2), 99-105 (2018)
Critical gap estimation at two-way stop-controlled intersections based on occupancy time data Mohan, M. and S. Chandra Transportmetrica A: Transport Science, 14(4), 316–329 (2018)  
Kriging based saturation flow models for traffic conditions in Indian cities; Arpita Saha, Souvik Choudhary, Satish Chandra and Indrajit Ghosh Transportation Research, Part A, volume 118, pp 38-51 (2018)
Investigations on Effectiveness of embedded PZT patches at varying orientations for monitoring concrete hydration using EMI technique” Negi, P., Chakraborty,
T., Kaur, N. and
Bhalla, S.
Construction & Building Materials, Vol. 169 (Apr), pp. 489-498 (2018)  
Characterization of Leather Buffing Dust Modified Bituminous Binder For Flexible Pavement”,  Kamaraj,C. Thabiba,SMF.
Siva Sankari.P
China Leather, Vol 47, No 1, Jan 2018, pp 35-41.
Retardation of Reflection cracks in composite pavement with use of fibres modified bituminous mixes  Manoj Kumar Shukla,
Sangita, Satish Chandra
and Sagar Verma,
Indian Highways Volume: 46 Number: 1 January 2018 Issue
Impact of Congestion Pricing on mode Choice and Route Choice Behaviour: An Experimental Study of Delhi,  Bhatia U., Sekhar CR.,
Minal., Madhu E.
Transportation  Research Board (TRB) 97th Annual Meeting 7-11 January 2018, p14. 
Synthesis and characterization of novel nanocomposite by using kaolinite and carbon nanotubes Vijay Bahadur Yadav,
Ranu Gadi, Sippy Kalra
Applied Clay Science (2018), Volume 155, 2018, 30-36.
Evaluating technology management factors for fly-ash utilization in the road sector using an ISM approach A. Saurikhia, S.Ahmed,
A. Haleem, S. Gangopadhyay
and M.I. Khan
International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, Vol. 13, No. 2, pp108-117, DOI: 10.1080/17509653.2017.1314202
Soil stabilisation by liquid based stabiliser A.K.Sinha and V.G. Havanagi Journal of Highway Research Board, Indian Road Congress, 2018,Vol.46 (3), pp 11 -22.
In-situ investigation of cinder mound for building construction - a case study. A. K. Sinha, V. G. Havanagi and V.K.Kanaujia Journal of New Building Materials & Construction World (NBM&CW), New Delhi, 2018,  Vol. 23(9) pp 144 – 158
Influence of Music on Sensorimotor Coordination and Concentration among the drivers in an Indian city Neelima Chakrabarty, 
Guneet Singh Assi,
Kumar Sumit,
Kamini Gupta,   Haritha P C
A paper under review in the  Jr of Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health vide ref : CEGH_2018_53
Level of Service of high-speed roads under heterogeneous traffic Sneha Sarkar,
Ashutosh Arun,
Velmurugan. S.   
Ranja Bandyopadhyaya
A paper under advanced stage of review in the WCTRS Journal: Case Studies on Transport Policy vide Ref: CSTP_2018_30
 Pedestrian Level of Service Model for Evaluating and Improving Sidewalks From Various Land uses, Bivina G.R., Purnima Parida,
Mukti Advani, M.Parida (2018),
European Transport, issue 67, paper no. 2, ISSN 1825-3997 
Characterization of  Leather buffing dust modified Bituminous builder  for Flexible Pavement C.Kamaraj,S.Lakshmi ,
Thabiba SMF,
Shiva Shankari P,C.Muralidhran,
China Leather , vol.47,No.-1, 2018
Estimation of Vehicular Speed and Passenger Car Equivalent Under Mixed Traffic Condition Using Artificial Neural Network Biswas, Subhadip, Chandra, Satish and Indrajit Ghosh Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering, 42(9), 4099-4110 (2017)
Utilization of Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag in Pavement quality Concrete Mixes Binod Kumar and
Lopamudra Sengupta (2017).
Proceeding of 15th International Seminar on Cement, Concrete and Building Materials, 5-8 December, New Delhi.
Properties of Pavement Quality Concrete with Jarofix as Partial replacement of fine aggregate Dinesh Ganvir, Binod Kumar
and J.B.Sengputa,
Proceedings of 15th NCB International seminar on Cement, Concrete and building Materials, New Delhi, 5-8th December, 2017.
Ternary Blended Concrete Mixes for Rigid Pavement using Flyash and Ground Granulated Blast furnace Slag  Dinesh Ganvir,
Nikunj Sureja,
Binod Kumar and
Dipak Rathava,
Presented and attended“ 4th Conference on Transportation Research Group of India ”, Mumbai, 17-20th December 2017.
हिन्दी में वैज्ञानिक एवं तकनीकी लेखन डॉ नीरज शर्मा,
रजनी ध्यानी
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 15,  दिसम्बर 2017, पृष्ट 17-23
सिविल इंजीनीयरी अनुप्रयोगो के लिए नैनो तकनीक की संभावनाएं रीना सिंह, नेहा चौधरी,
अनुराधा शुक्ला
सड़क दर्पण अंक 15,  दिसम्बर 2017, पृष्ट 33-42
Wet Blue Fiber and Lime from Leather Industry Solid Waste as Stabilizing Additive and Filler in Design of Stone Matrix Asphalt”,  Kamaraj. C. Lakshmi.
Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities Vol. 7, No. 11, November 2017, pp. 240-257.
Common Problems and Solutions for Rural Road Shoulder Construction and Maintenance’  Chandra Satish Prof.,
Vittal Guru.U.K.,
Nagabhushana. M.N.
Indian Highways, IRC, Vol. 45, No. 11, pp 41-46, Nov.2017
Use of Fly Ash in Low Volume Road,  Khan S., Nagabhushana MN.,
Vittal UKG.
p9.  World Road Meeting, International Road Federation, New Delhi 14-17 Nov., 2017.  
Problems associated with road construction in cold climatic areas U.K. Guru Vittal Journal of Civil Engineering and Construction Review, New Delhi, November 2017, Volume 30 (11), pp 58 - 62.
Mechanical Properties of Binary Blended Mixes for Rigid Pavement Construction  Nikunj Sureja,
Dinesh Ganvir,
Binod Kumar and
Dipak Rathava,
Presented and Attended in World Road Meeting (WRM-2017), New Delhi 14- 17th November 2017.
Evaluation of Jarosite as a Mineral Admixture in Pavement Quality Concrete for Construction of Rigid Pavement”  Dinesh Ganvir,
Binod Kumar
and J.B Sengupta
Published in National conference on “Emerging Trends & Developments in Civil Engineering (NCETDCE-2017)” organized  by MNIT Jaipur, 11-12th  November 2017
Wet blue Fibre and Lime from Leather Industry Solid waste as stabilize additive and filler in Design of Stone Matrix Asphalt C.Kamaraj ,
Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities. vol.7,No.- 11,2017
Aging Characteristics of Warm Mix Asphalt Binders  Ambika Behl, Prof Satish Chandra ASCE, Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering Vol. 29, Issue 10, October 2017
Modified asphalt-based crack and joint repair system 

Siksha Swaroopa Kar,
Ravinder Solanki,
Gajender Kumar ,


Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Volume 170 Issue 5, October, 2017, pp. 244-249,
Development of Saturation Flow Model at Signalized Intersection for Heterogeneous Traffic Neelam Jain, Subhash Chand and S. Velmurugan Transportation Research Procedia 25 (2017):  1665-1674 DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2017.05.216
 A study on influences of polyester, polyproplene (pp) multifilament and fibrillated fiber on a paving concrete  Rakesh Kumar and Pankaj Goel (2017), Proceeding of International Conference on Innovations in Concrete for Infrastructure Challenges Nagpur, India October 6-7, 2017.
Methodology for Evaluating Walking Facilities Based Types of Obstructions Observed on Footpath of Indian Roads, Mukti Advani, Purnima Parida and M.Parida (2017), Transportation Research Procedia. DOI -  10.1016/j.trpro.2018.02.054 
Laboratory Performance Evaluation of Environmentally Sustainable Sisal Fibre Reinforced Bituminous Mixes, 

S. Ramalingam, 

R. Murugesan,  M.N. Nagabhushana,

Journal of Construction and Building Materials, Volume 148, (1), Pages 22- 29, September 2017, 
Emerging sustainable practices in highway pavements construction

Vasu Krishna &

Rakesh Kumar­

New Building Materials & Construction World, Vol. 23, Sept 2017 pp. 48- 57.
A Critical Review on Foam and Emulsion Based Cold Recycled Asphalt Mixes > Siksha Swaroopa Kar,
AK Swamy, Dr.Devesh Tiwari,
Dr. P.K. Jain,
Indian Highways, 45(8). Pp 5-15, August, 2017
Evaluation of Flexible Pavements with Stabilized Granular and Bituminous Base Manoj Kumar Shukla, Nischal Gupta  Journal of the Indian Road Congress July-September, 2017 Paper No. 671, Volume 78-2
Capacity Models and Adjustment Factors for Interurban Bidirectional Roads  Ch. Ravisekhar,
S, Satish Chandra,
Balakrishna. K,  
Nataraju. J (2017)
Journal of the Indian Roads Congress, Volume: 78 (2),  July – September, 2017 , ISSN 0258 - 0500, pp. 59-70
Comparative Mechanistic Empirical Analysis for Design of Alternative Cold Recycled Asphalt Technologies With Conventional Pavement” 

Sravani A,     Nagabhushana M.N, 


Journal of Road Materials and Pavement Design, Taylor and Francis, June 2017
Pedestrian Serviceability Index Including Pedestrians on Vehicle-Path, Purnima Parida and
Sobhana Patnaik (2017),
 Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering 6 (2017) 328-341, DOI: 10.17265/2328-2142/2017.06. 006. 
विकलांगता  - कोई अभिशाप तो नहीं डॉ. नीलम जे गुप्ता ,
डॉ. मुक्ति आडवाणी
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 14,  अंक , जून 2017, पृष्ट 19-24
लेह लद्दाख सड़क यात्रा – एक अवलोकन > डॉ पंकज गुप्ता,डॉ.
नीलम जे गुप्ता
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 14,  अंक , जून 2017,  पृष्ट 37-39
स्वस्थ जीवन शैली का मंत्र डॉ. नीलम जे गुप्ता सड़क दर्पण, अंक 14,  अंक , जून 2017,  पृष्ट 45-47
Study on Effect of Vicosity of Foaming Characteristics and Stabilized Mix Properties,  Siksha Swaroopa Kar,
Dr.Devesh Tiwari,
AK Swamy Dr.P.K. Jain,
The International Journal of Pavement Engineering & Asphalt Technology, Volume 18 (1) May 2017 pp 11-30
Development of Correlation Between Roughness Index and International Roughness Index for Indian Condition Amal Raj, Pradeep Kumar
and K. Sitaramanjaneyulu
Indian Highways, Indian Roads Congress, New Delhi, May 2017
Evaluation of Influence of Roadside Frictions on the Capacity of Roads in Delhi, India Mohan Rao A.,
Velmurugan S. and
K.M.V.N. Lakshmi
Transportation Research Procedia 25 (2017) 4775–4786; DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2017.05.489
Sensation Seeking Behavior and Crash Involvement of Indian Bus Drivers Ashish Verma,
Neelima Chakraborthy,
S. Velmurugan,
Prithvi Bhat B,
and Dinesh Kumar H. D
Transportation Research Procedia 25 (2017) 4750–4762; DOI10.1016/j.trpro.2017.05.487
Indian auto-mobility 2020: A Perceptive picture Ashish Verma,
S, Sanjay Kumar Singh,
Anjula Gurtoo
Transportation Research Procedia 25 (2017): 4932-4945 DOI: 10.1016/j.trpro.2017.05.494
A Preliminary Report on SMART RIDERS : an Intervention to Promote Safe and Respectful Two –Wheeler Riding in Youth Seema Mehrotra,
Paulomi, M Sudhir,
Manoj Kumar Sharma,
Michael Rajeev Joseph,  Neelima Chakrabarty
The International Journal of Indian Psychology, ISSN 2348-5396 (e), Volume 4, Issue 3, No. 100, DIP 18.01.072/20170403, |, April - June, 2017
Rock Mass Classification and Assessment of Stability of Critical Slopes on National Highway-22 in Himachal Pradesh Satish Kumar,
Kishor Kumar, N.N.Dogra
Journal of Geological Society of India , Vol.89,April 2017,pp.407-412
Impact of binder on properties of foamed bituminous mixtures. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers,  Siksha Swaroopa Kar,
AK Swamy,
Dr.Devesh Tiwari ,
Dr.P.K. Jain.
April 2017, Volume 170, Issue 4, pp. 194-204,, 10.1680/jcoma.16.00037
Feeder Sustainability Index at Metro Stations - A Case Study In Delhi Neelam J Gupta,
R Sahoo, P G Nisarta,
S Chand, M Advani
and E. Madhu
Indian Journal of Transport Management- IJTM, ISSN 0970-4736, quarterly Journal,April-June,2017
Assessment of Dilated joint controlled Rock slope  R K Panigrahi The Indian Mining & Engineering Journal, vol.56, No.4, April 2017, pp.23-26, The IME Publication ISSN 0019-5944
Influence of surface scaling on the performance of cement concrete roads Rakesh Kumar New Building Materials & Construction World, Vol. 23, March 2017 pp. 102- 108.
Prediction of PM2.5 along highway corridor under mixed traffic conditions using CALINE4 model.  Rajni Dhyani,
Niraj Sharma,  
A. K. Maity.
Journal of Environmental Management (2017), 198: 24-32 
Effect of warm mix additives on creep and recovery response of conventional and polymer modified asphalt binders Rajiv Kumar,
N Saboo,
P Kumar and
S Chandra
Construction and Building Materials 138, 352-362
Influence of recycled coarse aggregate derived from construction &demolition waste (CDW) on abrasion resistance of pavement concrete  Rakesh Kumar Construction and Building Materials, Vol.142, 2017, pp. 248-255. 
Sensitivity Analysis of CALINE4 Model Under Mixed Traffic Conditions Rajni Dhyani and
Niraj Sharma
Aerosol and Air Quality Research (2017), 17(1): 314-329
Modeling Travel time of car with varying demand on an urban midblock section, Anish Kumar Bharti,
Ch. Ravi Sekhar &
Prof. Satish Chandra
Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems Technology, Planning, and Operations (Published Online) 
Bio feedback Therapy Safe,  Chakrabarty N.,
Gupta K., Kalra S.,
Shukla A.
p9.  Community Mental Health Journal Springerlink ISSN D010- 3853. 
Comparative evaluation of bus rapid transit routes using super efficiency data envelopment analysis A Kathuria, M Parida
and Ch. Ravi Sekhar
Journal of Current Science , Vol.113 No.8
Estimating capacity of hybrid bus rapid transit corridor. H Singh, A Kathuria,
Ch Ravi Sekhar and 
M Parida
Journal of Current Science,  Vol.113 No.8
Route performance evaluation of a closed bus rapid transit system using GPS data Ankit Kathuria, M Parida,
Ch Ravi Sekhar
Journal of Current Science Vol.112, No.8, 1642-1652
Estimation of Vehicular Speed and Passenger Car Equivalent Under Mixed Traffic Condition Using Artificial Neural Network Biswas, Subhadip.,
Chandra, Satish and
Indrajit  Ghosh
Arabian Journal of Science and Engineering,  doi:10.1007/s13369-017-2597- 9.
Influence of signal countdown timer on efficiency and safety at signalized intersections Sabyasachi Biswas,
Indarjit Ghosh and
Satish Chandra
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 44 (4), 308-318
Field Saturation Flow Measurement Using Dynamic Passenger Car Unit under Mixed Traffic Condition,  Majhi R C. p11. International Journal for Traffic and Transport Engineering (2017) 7:4, DOI: 10.7708itte.2017.7 (4).
Development and Evaluation of an Integrated Transportation System : A Case Study of Delhi, Sekhar C R., Nath R.,
Errampalli M. 
pp10.  Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Transport 
Influence of operating speed on capacity urban arterial midblock sections Ashish Dhamaniya and
Satish Chandra
International Journal of Civil Engineering, 15(7), 1053 – 1062, DOI: 10.1007/s40999-017-0206-7.
Use of Lambert W Function in determining speed for macroscopic traffic flow models Biswas, Subhadip.,
Chandra Satish and
Indrajit  Ghosh
European Transport, Vol. 63(3), 1-12.
Delay at Signalised Intersections under Mixed Traffic Conditions Arpita Saha,
Satish Chandra
and Indrajit Ghosh
Journal of Transportation Engineering, ASCE, Part A: Systems 143 (8), 04017041
Ageing Characteristics of warm mix binders Ambika Behl and Satish Chandra  Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering ASCE, 29 (10), 04017155
Measurement of free-flow conditions on multilane intercity highways under heterogeneous traffic conditions Amardeep Boora,
Indrajit Ghosh,
Satish Chandra and
Kavita Rani
Journal of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering Vol 60 No 1, March 2018, Pages 2–9, Paper 1678.
Effect of on-street parking in urban context – A critical review Biswas, Subhadip,
Chandra Satish and
 Indrajit  Ghosh (2017),
Transportation in Developing Economies, 3(1), 10, 0040-2.
Effect of Traffic Signal Countdown Timers on Pedestrian Crossings at Signalized Intersection Sabyasachi Biswas,
Indrajit Ghosh and
Satish Chandra (2017)
Transportation in Developing Economies, 3(1),2, -7.
Improper Stopping of Buses at Curbside Bus Stops: Reasons and Implications Sai Chand and Satish Chandra (2017), Transportation in Developing Economies, 3(1), 5, 0033-1
Cinder Waste Material for the Construction of Bituminous Pavement Layers A.K. Sinha, V G. Havanagi,
A. Ranjan and S. Das
International journal of current environmental engineering,  Korea, 2017, Vol.4(3), pp 221-227
Pavement construction over municipal solid waste dump A. K. Sinha and V.G.Havanagi Journal of Indian Highways, 2017,  Vol. 45(10), pp 11-20.
Municipal solid waste in road embankment construction -  a case study V. G. Havanagi,
A. K. Sinha, G.S.Parvathi
and S. Chandra
Journal of Indian Road Congress, 2017, Paper No.669, pp. 79-90.
Chrome slag in embankment and pavement construction A.K.Sinha,
V.G. Havanagi and
Journal of Highway Research Board, Indian Road Congress, 2017,  Vol.8 (1), pp 45-54.
Statistical Relationship Between Space Mean Speed and Time Mean Speed on Multilane Interurban Highways in India Ashutosh Arun,
S, K. Sitaramanjaneyulu  
Ravinder K (2017)
Highways Research Journal, Volume 8 (1) , January - June 2017, pp. 27 - 34.
Examining Walk Access to BRT Stations: A Case Study of Ahmedabad BRTS A Kathuria,
BG Rajendran,
M Parida, CR Sekhar
Transportation Research Board 97th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board
Technical Writing in hindi,  Sharma N., Dhayani R., pp 12.  Bhartiya Aodhyogic evam Anuandhan patrika.  
Slope stability evaluation erosion control and landslide correction between km 67.0 to 106.39 on NH-5, Himachal Pradesh Prasad, P.S., and
Kumar, K
Special publication  of  Journal of Engineering Geology, 42 (2), 1 - 12.
Zero sheer Viscosity of Bitumen Filler Mastics of Warm Mix Binders Ambika Behl
Satish Chandra
U K Agarwal
S Gangopadhyay
Journal of Material Sciences in Civil Engineering Vol 27(10), ISSN 0899- 1561/040142601-606, October, 2015
Effect of CFRP fabric in enhancing the torsional capacity and twist angle of strengthened RCC beams Pardeep Kumar
S.K. Sharma
P. Lakshmy
Bridge & Structural Engineer, ING-IABSE, Vol 45( 2), pp-70-76 June 2015
Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation of an Impact Damaged Bridge Rajeev Goel
SK Sharma
P Lakshmy
Bridge & Structural Engineer, ING-IABSE, Vol 45(2), pp.21-28, July 2015
Estimation of emission during idling of vehicles at Signalized Intersection by customizing MOVES software in Indian conditions. R.Kumar
Purnima Parida
Bharatiya Vaigyanik Audyogik Anusandhan Patrika (BVAAP) India, Vol. 23(1), pp.7 -15. June 2015.
Weekday/Weekend Differences in Concentrations of Ozone, Oxides of Nitrogen and Carbon Monoxide at a Busy Arterial Road in Delhi, India M.Gaur
R .Singh
A .Shukla,
Journal of Environmental Research and Development, Vol.9(4), pp 1088-1094 April- June 2015
Visual Limitations Of Drivers and Road Accidents In India, Neelima Chakrabarty Purnima Parida
Arun Lakshman
Kamini Gupta
Bharitya Vagyanik & Anusandhan Patrika, Issue 23, Page 42-47, June 2015,
Developing Methodology to Assess Walking facilities on Indian Roads. Mukti Advani
Purnima Parida
Sobhana Patnaik
Indian Journal of Transport Management July-September 2015, pp. 60-69. (2015)
Smart Roads Y.C.Tiwari Indian Highways, Vol 43(7) pp 17-20, July 2015.
Does motorcycle driving behaviour affect emission and fuel consumption Ravindra Kumar
Wafaa Saleh
International Journal of Transportation, Australia, Vol 3(2), pp 31-44, ISSN 2287-7940 (2015) August 2015
Bus following model: A case study in Edinburgh. Joseph Appiah
Anna Galevko
Wafaa Saleh
Ravindra Kumar
International Journal of Transportation, Australia, Vol 2(3), pp 1-16, ISSN 2287-7940, August 2015,
Mechanical, Durability, and Time-Dependent Properties of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Fly Ash M. Surya
V.V.L. Kanta Rao
P .Lakshmy
American Concrete Institute (Materials Journal), Vol 112(5), pp 653-661, September-October 2015
Corrosion preventive methods adopted for concrete bridges during construction V.V.L. Kanta Rao New Building Materials and Construction World, Vol. 21(3), pp. 170-177. September 2015,
Recent Developments in design and construction of concrete road bridges. P .Lakshmy New Building Materials and Construction World, Vol.21(3), pp. 2-5. September 2015
इक्कीसवी सदी का पर्यावरण के अनुकूल सीमेंट टर्नेरी ब्लेंडेड सीमेंट (टी बी सी ) प्रदीप कुमार,
कुमार शशि भूषण
डा.राजीव कुमार गर्ग
डा.शुभमय गंगोपाध्याय
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 12, प्रष्ठ 11-17. वर्ष सितम्बर 2015,
उन्नत कोम्पोसीट सामग्री (एफ़ आर पी ) विरूपित पुलों के अनुरूपांतर के लिए एक विकल्प प्रदीप कुमार
कुमार शशि भूषण
डा. लक्ष्मी परमेश्वरम
डा. राजीव कुमार गर्ग
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 12, प्रष्ठ 19-22. वर्ष सितम्बर 2015,
भारत में स्वास्थ्य सेवा की स्थिति संजय चौधरी ,
डॉ .नित्यानंद चौधरी
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 12, पृष्‍ठ सं. 36-42. वर्ष सितंबर 2015,
रोड रेज़ एवं पार्किंग रेज़-की गंभीर समस्या सतीश कुमार
सुशील कुमार
राजेश राणा
डा. राजीव कुमार गर्ग
सड़क दर्पण, अंक 12, प्रष्ठ 28-32. वर्ष सितम्बर 2015,
तकनीकी व्यसन (टेक एडिक्शन) – आधुनिकता का प्रभाव व निवारण योगेंद्र कुमार सिंह
कुमार शशि भूषण
डा. राजीव कुमार गर्ग
डा.शुभमय गंगोपाध्याय
सड़क दर्पण,अंक 12, प्रष्ठ 43-52. वर्ष सितम्बर 2015,
 परिवहन अवसंरचना मे भू –स्थानिक प्रोद्योगिकी की बढ़ती भूमिका Neelam J Gupta
B. Kanagadurai
S. Velmurugan
सड़क दर्पण,अंक 12, प्रष्ठ 06-10. वर्ष सितम्बर 2015,
 इलेक्ट्रोनिक टोल कलेक्शन (ईटीसी) प्रणाली वाई सी तिवारी सड़क दर्पण अंक 12, प्रष्ठ 23-25, सितंबर 2015
Utilization of supplementary Cementitious Material for Eco-Friendly Road Construction J.B. Sen Gupta
Dinesh Ganvir
Civil Engineering & Construction Review Vol 28(9), pp 54-64, September 2015
Engineering Geological Assessment of Hill Rock Slope, R.K. Panigrahi
A.K. Shaw
Journal of Engineering Geology (Special Publication,) ISSN.0970-5317, pp 411-419 October-2015
Safety and Security Based Evaluation of Pedestrian Facilities around Public Spaces, Shelter, HUDCO Purnima Parida
Mukti Advani
Shelter HUDCO Publication, Vol 16(2), pp 27-33, ISSN: 2347-4912, October 2015,
Analysis of Interrelationship between Transport System, Safety and City Sizes Distribution - A case study of India Mukti Advani
Neelam J. Gupta
Purnima Parida
 Journal of Institute of Town Planners, India Journal Vol 12(4), pp 51-62 October-December 2015. (2015)
Fuzzy Logic–Based Travel Demand Model to Simulate Public Transport Policies. S .Pulugurta
Journal of Urban Planning and Development, ASCE, Vol 141(4) pp 1-11, December 2015.
Transportation sustainability index for Tabuk city in Saudi Arabia: an analytic hierarchy process A. M.Al-Atawi
Wafaa Saleh
 Journal of Transport, Vol 31(1), pp 47-55, 2015
Performance Evaluation of Urban Road Network in Delhi Considering Travel Speed Ch.Ravi Sekhar
P. Sarada
S. Srivastav
M. Irshad
 Journal of Urban Transport, Institute for Urban Transport, Vol 14(1), pp. 27-38 (2015)
Estimation of combined exposure factor due to impact of different transport related environmental pollutants air quality and noise level in Delhi city R.Kumar
M. Errampalli
S. Sinha
N. Akhtar
World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, Vol 12 (4), pp 269-280. (2015)
Analytical Hierarchy Process for Assessing Sustainability Indicators of Public Transportation Systems, Pedestrians and Feeder Services in Developing R.Kumar,
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