A Wet Process for the Preparation of Waste PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Modified Bitumen - Useful for Paving Applications

IPR Status (Patent/Copyright/Trademark Secured in India/Abroad)
Applied for Patent in India on 25/5/2014
Application no.: 1368/DEL/2014

Bituminous Road Construction

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features
The process developed has the biggest advantage that the most toxic plastic waste i.e. PVC waste which is difficult to recycle and which has no safe disposal method and which is the most polluting in terms of dioxins can be safely reused in bituminous roads Also it imparts strength to the bituminous mix by improving the properties of neat bitumen.

Level/Scale of Development

Environmental Considerations
No adverse effect on environment

Status of Commercialization
Applied for patent

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
VG10 Bitumen, waste PVC pipes, additives

Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
High shear mixer

Extends the life of pavement, this process allows to get rid of hazardous PVC plastic waste in a safer way.

Technology Package

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