New Process Technology Developed for Harder Grade Bitumen VG-40

IS:73-2013 specified four grades of bitumen such as VG-10, VG-20, VG-30 and VG-40. Indian refineries are producing only two grades of paving bitumen such as VG-10 and VG-30, which are not adequate for entire prevailing climate and traffic conditions of India. IRC:111-2009 recommend VG-40 bitumen, if commercial vehicles exceed 2000 per lane per day.  Recently Indian Road Congress Standard (IRC:37-2002) focus for use of harder grade bitumen for high modulus mixes and better performance. It is mentioned that 10-15% reduction in thickness for equivalent performance or extended life for the same thickness is possible using VG-40 SUPERPAVE mix design also recommends one grade higher for heavy traffic. Therefore, process technology is developed to produce harder grade bitumen by an alternate method to meet the demand of the highway profession. Results indicated superior performance of new harder grade viz VG-40 and Harder Grade (GH-50), which meets requirement of PG-76-22 as specified in SHRP performance based specification. 

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