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Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)

Instrument Details

Make : CSIR-CRRI-CMERI In-house
Model : MBIU
Specification :  

Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)The Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (referred as MBIU) is an Electro-mechanically driven Articulated Structure mounted on a vehicle (a truck) as an aid towards proper inspection of bridges or similar infrastructures by enabling an inspection team of 3-4 persons carrying instruments access to the underside of bridge decks over flowing rivers or gorges. The present version is the truck mounted system having features given below.

Type : Truck mounted mobile unit
Year of manufacture : 2012
Horizontal range of the platform : 6.0 to 10.0 m
Width of Platform : 0.75 m
Maximum load on the platform : 400 kg
Maximum load on far end of the platform  : 200 kg
Maximum lowering depth : 8.0 m
Rotation of the platform : 180
Gross Vehicle Weight : 21000 kg
Assembled length of MBIU : 11.0 m
Assembled width of MBIU : 2.5 m
Assembled height of MBIU : 4.0 m

Working Principles

The work of condition survey requires use of Mobile Bridge Inspection, at the various bridge sites on the National Highways to overcome the accessibility problems. MBIU increases the accessibility for inspection of underside of high level bridge decks and helps in continuous inspection of throughout the span of bridge. It has three folded arms. All of them are electro-mechanically operated. Arm (1) can be rotated horizontally above mounted position of the vehicle. Arm (2) fixed at the end of Arm (1) and is able it to move vertically and lowered as per requirement of height. Arm (3) fixed at bottom of Arm (2) can be moved horizontally. This arm is used as a platform for inspection.

Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU)


Visual Inspection for condition assessment of Bridges, NDT and during repair / and repairing of bridges

User Instructions

  1. Operation of MBIU is not allowed for a wind speed exceeding 12.5 m/sec (i.e. 45 km/hr)
  2. Transportation speed of MBIU to be restricted to 40-50 Km/hr.

Contact Details

CSIR-Central Road Research Institute,
Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi-110025
Phone: +91-11-26848917 (Director), 26312412 (COA office), 26832173 (Reception)
Fax: +91-11-26845943
Email: director [dot] crri [at] nic [dot] in

Instrument Usage Charges(Including GST)

Inspection and Testing Charges: Rs. 35,000/- per day, Cost: 1.5 Crore approx
The Demand Draft should be payable in favour of“The Director, CSIR-Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi”
Letter, DD & Samples send to “HOD-BES, CSIR-Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi