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Utilization of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Road embankment

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The developed methodology/process/design specifications would result in utilisation of Municipal Solid Wastes (MSW) from landfill for Road embankment construction.

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features
Based on a specific case study the following salient points derived are:

  • About 65-75% of segregated Municipal Solid Wastes can be used for   embankment construction.
  • Leachate studies indicate that MSW is a non hazardous material as concentration of heavy metals is within the permissible limit.
  • Typical design cross sections have been arrived for 3m and 5m height MSW embankment.

Level/Scale of Development
A methodology/process has been developed by CSIR-CRRI by detailed laboratory investigations for utilization of MSW in road embankment.

Environmental Considerations
Field application of developed methodology/ process would reduce pollution, protects environment and results in sustainable road construction.

Status of Commercialization
A typical methodology/process developed for use of Municipal waste at Ghazipur site in Delhi for road construction is transfer to National Highway Development Authority of India (NHAI). The knowhow evolved can be appropriately redesigned based on case specific requirements to other road construction agencies.

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
Segregated MSW

Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
Segregation plant, conventional equipments used for road construction

The developed methodology/process would provide an alternative to conventional soil/fill material, reduces the cost of construction within an economical lead.  Indirect benefits includes: safe disposal of municipal wastes, reducing health hazards, preserving urban land, etc.

Technology Package
Application of Technology/process has to be prepared based on the site specific and project requirements.



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