One Week One Lab (OWOL)

crriWe are thrilled to announce that CSIR - Central Road Research Institute is hosting a week long celebration to honor our recent achievements as part of CSIR’s “One Week One Lab” initiative. This exceptional event allows us to highlight our significant contributions in generating new knowledge and harnessing scientific innovations to create state-of-the-art process and product technologies that bring substantial benefits to society. We are particularly dedicated to advancing the road and transport sector, and this celebration serves as a platform to showcase our advancements in the field.



Day 1: 16th July 2023 – Curtain Raiser

Day 2: 17th July 2023 – Student Scientists’ Connect

Day 3: 18th July 2023 – Industry Meet

Day 4: 19th July 2023 –Young Researchers Conclave

Day 5: 20th July 2023 – Engaging with State Government

Day 6: 21st July 2023 – Next Generation Transport

Day 7: 22nd July 2023 – Mobility @ North East