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Bridge Engineering and Structures Division

Areas of R&D and Consultancy / Core Activities

Areas of R&D

  • Application of Advanced Composites for Bridge Construction/ Rehabilitation
  • Bridge Distress Diagnostics and Rehabilitation
  • Development of Bridge Management System for Highway Bridges
  • Characterization of Various Loads (Temperature/wind/ earthquake) for Bridge Design
  • Concrete Technology & Corrosion Studies in bridges and other civil structures
  • Creation of Complete Range of Independent Facility for Testing of Expansion Joints
  • Design and Development of Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit
  • Development of Robot for underwater inspection of bridges
  • Fatigue studies on bridge components
  • Wind tunnel studies on bridges and other structures
  • Field Instrumentation and Health monitoring of Bridges
  • Live Load Characterization for bridge design and evaluation
  • Vibration studies of structures
  • Assessment of present prestressing force in PSC bridges
  • Bridge Aerodynamics

 Core Activities/ Consultancy

  • Analysis and Design of Bridges and other Civil Infrastructures
  • Bridge maintenance management system
  • Development of software for structural applications
  • Monitoring of structures using instrumentation including long term monitoring
  • Evaluation of Load carrying capacity of bridges
  • Health (Condition) Assessment of bridges and rating of bridges
  • Repair and rehabilitation of bridges
  • Evaluation of load carrying capacity of Road and Railway Bridges
  • Quality Assurance during bridge construction
  • Characterisation of bridge components and materials

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Structural Testing Laboratory
  • Dynamic cum Heavy Testing Laboratory with Fatigue testing System
  • Field Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Wind Tunnel Facility at Ghaziabad (HRDC Campus)
  • Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit

Training Programmes

  • Bridge Design and Construction
  • Bridge Diagnostics, Performance Evaluation and Rehabilitation

Training to Students

  •  Guidance to PhD, Post-graduate and Under-graduate students and research internship

Software Tools

  • Crystal Report
  • Microsoft Developer Studio
  • NISA
  • RM -2006
  • SQL

Software and database developed by the division

  • CRASH  -   Software for prediction of creep and shrinkage in concrete by various analytical models
  • DAPCAS - Software for finite element based dynamic analysis of prestressed concrete structures considering nonlinear material properties and effects of creep and shrinkage
  • Indo-BMMS - Software for Bridge Maintenance Management System in GIS environment for RCC slab and RCC T-girder bridges
  • RLAB –RC – Software for Distress Diagnostics, Performance Evaluation and Remaining Life Assessment of RC  Slab and T-girder Bridge Superstructure.
  • Software for analysis of  Vortex excitation, Flutter and Buffeting of Cable Stayed Bridge Decks
  • Software for degradation modelling of RCC slab and RCC T-girder bridges considering Environmental effects such as Corrosion, Alkali-silica reaction
  • Software RLAB-R1 - Software for bridge distress diagnosis of RCC slab and RCC T-girder bridge superstructure
  • Software to find out the load carrying capacity of RCC slab and RCC T-girder bridges
  • Software to find out the rating of RCC slab and RCC T-girder bridges
  • Software to find out the residual life of RCC slab and RCC T-girder bridges

Laboratory and Field Testing Facilities

  • Bridge Weigh in Motion (BWIM) system
  • Compression Testing Machine (200 Ton UTM)
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) facility for concrete structures
  • Facilities for water proofing membranes
  • Prestressing Facility
  • Comprehensive Testing facility for Bridge Expansion joints
  • Dynamic strain (response) measuring system
  • Equipments for Corrosion and durability studies of concrete
  • Equipments for Non-Destructive testing of concrete and steel components
  • Facility for Testing of Elastomeric Bearing
  • Material Testing Laboratory for aggregate, cement, chloroprene and  plastic
  • Structural Vibration monitoring system
  • Testing of protective coatings on concrete
  • Testing of water proofing membranes
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Vibration of structures

Significant Achievements

  • Model studies on well foundation and retaining walls to achieve safe and economical design
  • Study the Effect of Edge stiffening on slab bridges led to economic design.
  • Established method for conversion of two simply supported spans to continuous using external prestressing.
  • Development of Testing Facility for performance evaluation of bridge bearings
  • Evaluation of corrosion protective coatings,
  • Advanced Techniques for repair such as steel plate bonding, FRP, stitching techniques, NSM, external prestressing for retrofitting / rehabilitation of concrete bridges
  • Development of Limit State Design of T- Beam Bridge
  • Development of High Performance and self compacting concrete for construction Industry
  • Long term health monitoring using instrumentation of road bridges
  • Development of design methodology for trail suspension bridges
  • Design and execution of CD structures and small bridges under PMGSY program
  • Guidelines and Manual of Practice for repair of Cracks and Spalls in Concrete Structures
  • Guidelines for aerodynamic design of cable stayed bridges
  • Simplification of Live load for Design of Highway Bridges as per IRC loading
  • Evaluation of Load carrying capacity of a number of existing bridges
  • Performance evaluation of various types of railway bridges
  • Design, Instrumentation and Quality Assurance of Roadway over Drains
  • Development of data base management system on performance monitoring of bridges
  • Development of Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit
  • Development of Fiber optic strain sensors
  • Use of CFRP for rehabilitation of bridges
  • SOAR on Instrumentation of traffic (IRC)
  • SOAR on Instrumentation of highways and tunnels (IRC)
  • Performance evaluation of expansion joints of several bridges/ flyovers

Contribution to Formulation of Standards

  • IS: 1893-Part (iii) “Criteria for Seismic Resistant Design of Bridges” for BIS
  • New wind load clause in IRC:6.
  • IRC: 6: 2010 Standard Specifications and Code of Practice of Road Bridges (Fifth Revision)
  • New Clause on Barge Impact Load in IRC:6 (Approved  by Council in 2010)
  • New Clause on congestion factor and snow load in IRC: 6 ( Approved  by Council of IRC in 2011)
  • Rationalization of Seismic Forces for the Design of Bridges (Approved in 2008)
  • Load combination and Load Factor for Limit State Design of Bridges (Approved in 2009)
  • IRC:24-2010 “ Standard Specifications and Code of Practice for Road Bridges- Section V Steel Bridges ( Limit State Method), Third Revision
  • IRC:112-2011 ‘Code of Practice for Concrete Road Bridges’
  • IRC Special publications- Non-destructive testing techniques for bridges
  • SOAR on Underwater Sea repairing of bridge components
  • IRC 83(Pt 1) Roller and rocker bearings (II Rev)
  • IRC 83(Pt 2) Elastomeric bearings (I Rev)
  • IRC SR 22: State-Of-Art-Report: Areas Of Application And Techniques Of. Instrumentation In Traffic Engineering
  • Development of IRC: SP-13 “Guidelines for Design of Culverts and Small Bridges”
  • IRC: SP-56:2011 “Guidelines for Steel Pedestrian Bridges” (First Revision) 
  • IRC: SP:69 “Guidelines and Specifications for Expansion Joints( First Revision)
  • IRC- SP- 80 “Guidelines for Corrosion Prevention Monitoring and Remedial Measures for Concrete Bridge Structures”