Moisture Induced Stress Tester

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Moisture Induced Stress Tester

Proper testing of bituminous mixes for moisture susceptibility is a crucial requirement for designing today’s high-performing, longer-lasting pavements. Due to water and repeated traffic loading, stripping of bitumen from aggregates occur in bituminous pavement. So it is important to study the stripping mechanism of bituminous mixes so that rutting or ravelling can be controlled in the field. MIST (Moisture Induced Stress Tester) simulates pavement stripping mechanisms, which are due to water and repeated traffic loading. The MiST consists of a pressurized chamber, which conditions samples by pushing and pulling temperature controlled water through a compacted bituminous sample, thus creating pore pressure and simulating the action of an automobile tire on a wet surface. The test can be performed at different pressures and temperatures, creating pore pressure and scouring within the bituminous layer.


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Model:MIST, As per ASTM-D7870Specification:

Temperature Accuracy -  ±1 ˚C/±1.8˚F
Max Temperature -  60 ˚C/140 ˚F
Sample Height        - 25 mm to 150 mm/1” to 6”
Sample Diameter    - 100 mm to 150 mm/4” to 6”
Pressure Accuracy  - 7 kPa/±1 psi
Pressure Control     - 7 kPa/±1 psi
Maximum Apparent Pressure- 345kPa/50 psi
Electrical - 115 VAC 20 A 
Weight 159 kg/350 lbs
Height 1.35 m/53”
Foot Print 0.53 m x 0.53 m/21”x21” square
Hydraulic Fluid Hydraulic oil with a viscosity of 150 to 300 SUS

Working Principles

MIST works on the principle to provide cyclic stresses and pore pressure on the bituminous sample similar to the stresses seen by a wet bituminous pavement from passing vehicle tires.


  • Highway Engineers
  • Bitumen Manufacturers
  • Road Construction Companies

User Instructions

  1. Marshall Sample properties can be provided
  2. The operating conditions i.e. temperature and pressure should be mentioned

Contact Details

CSIR-Central Road Research Institute,
Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi-110025
Phone: 011-26832173, 26832325
Email: director [dot] crri [at] nic [dot] in

Instrument Usage Charges(Including GST)

IndustryUniversities/IITsNational LabsRs 25000/- per sampleRs 10000/sampleRs 10000/sample