Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Division

R&D management is the main activity of this Division which inter-alia covers Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of R&D projects, externally funded projects, issues concerning Intellectual Property and Business Development, attending to technical queries and technical/performance audits and assistance to Director, Management Council (MC) and Research Council (RC) on the project related matters.
Major activities of the Division  are as follows:

  • Project Planning [Mission Mode/Fast Track Translational/ Focus Based Research/ other R&D Projects]:    PME interacts with scientists for submission of R&D proposals to various funding agencies including International collaborations.
  • Scientists Meet:  Organise scientist’s meetings/brain storming sessions where in every Division has come up with various plans and programmes to achieve the Government of India polices, CSIR-CRRI vision and to reach out common men.
  • Theme Directorate activities: Preparation of Business Plan for CRRI, Road Map, Planning & Monitoring of Mission Mode projects, FTT/FTC/FBC projects. Projecting/Technology forecasting for the next 3-5 years of the institute. Information is compiled for Director’s Conference and theme directors meetings. Information provided on parametric achievements of the institute.
  • Management of various Project Proformae: PME designs, maintains, manages and modifies the proformae pertaining to various project-related activities as per the need arises from time to time in line with ISO requirements as per CSIR guidelines. 
  • Development and Regular Maintenance of Project Database: PME has developed Project Database which is regularly updated incorporating addition of new projects and modifications during their implementation stage and finally during their completion stage. The database includes project title, classification and technical and financial details which help in tracking the technical and financial progress of the projects. PME also maintains the cash inflow of all the projects. The database is highly useful for monitoring and evaluation of the projects
  • CRRI Budget: The budgetary requirement under various heads of expenditure were prepared based on the estimates of various R&D projects and demand for R&D equipments and other activities of the institute.
  • Scrutiny & Registration of Project Proposals:Scrutiny and Registration of all externally funded projects and allotment of specific identity in terms of a Project Number, Registration and scrutiny of in-house R&D projects is also carried out by the Division.

Reporting on performance and the status of various projects was carried out through preparation of Performance Reports from time to time that contains information about the performance of the Institute on various parameters such as projects handled technologies developed/ licensed. These reports are sent to CSIR for their perusal. These reports also help the Institute in reviewing its own performance as a monitoring tool.

  • CSIR-Data Infographics System/(C-DIS): To ease in Data Collection and Management, availability of Information, excellence for Data/Information mining and next generation knowledge synthesis system maintained by CSIR. PME compiles and upload various inputs/information to the portal from time to time.


  • Externally funded projects: Externally funded projects are regularly monitored particularly for their adherence to time schedule, amount dues, documentation, closure etc. through divisional/ project review meetings.
  • In-house Projects:Project Identification and Monitoring Committee monitors the progress of the In-house projects under the chairmanship of Director. The new projects are taken up with the approval of Director.
  • External Cash Flow (ECF):The Institute undertakes projects sponsored by various external agencies such as Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORT&H), National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), Department of Science and Technology (DST), National Rural Roads Development Agency(NRRDA), Public Works Department (PWD), Industries PCRA, PSUs & Consultants, etc. The details of External Cash Flow i.e., money received from these agencies to carry out specified task are regularly recorded and monitored vis-à-vis target established by the Institute.
  • Expenditure Monitoring: Efforts were made to keep track on the expenditure vis-à-vis budgeting allocations/ requirements on the monthly basis so that performance/ working of the Institute could be made more effective.


  • Projects information to Research Council(RC)/ Management Council(MC)
    Research Council (RC) is the apex advisory/monitoring body in CSIR-CRRI through which the major R&D activities are monitored and evaluated. Also it gives direction/guidance for future R&D programmes of the institute. The Division provides various information/data for Agenda, progress reports of R&D projects, Information for Action taken Report, Information for Director’s Presentation and other related logistics for conducting  meetings.
    PME prepares the up to date projects summary and providing the information on projects that are to be ratified by the Management Councils. In addition, Customer Satisfaction Evaluation and Feedback on completed project was carried out.
  • Technical Queries from within/or outside CRRI and CSIR: PME handles technical queries pertaining to various projects. PME also interact with various Directorates of CSIR particularly RPPBD, Mission and DGTC regarding the preparation of Plans/Budget, Management of FTT and MMP(Mission Mode Projects), Audit, ECF queries, RTI, other technical information to Ministries etc. PME also interact with the project clients related to amount dues, schedule and seeking customer satisfaction feedback.
  • Parliament Questions: PME handles parliament questions which are technical in nature. During the year, replies to Parliament questions replies are  prepared after collecting, compiling and collating information from various divisions of the institute.

The Division regularly prepares the statement on the receipts and ensures timely payment by accounts section of GST on monthly basis. PME generates Tax Invoice  prepares and files the returns of Service Tax, it also generates eway bill.  

  • Development & Maintenance of Project Management Database: Designed & Developed web based “Project Management System” by PME division to manage the projects in the Institute effectively with less manpower. This also increased the transparency in the system. Further, e-PPS (e-Project Proposal System), Expenditure monitoring system, manpower deployment module, Invoice generation module & Online Challan system have been developed and integrated to it.
  • ERP System: The Division has uploaded the details of all ongoing projects in the CSIR ERP site, also entry of Projects amount receipts in the Central Value Register of ERP site. Addition / Deletion of projects members and map their credentials according to the requirement of ERP System.  PME staff are actively involved in effective implementation of  ERP system in CRRI.

The division prepares MoUs and Agreements for various projects, Technology Transfer to clients. Technology dissemination and other related activities. The division  facilitates through data sharing to Director and other senior scientists in making their presentations / documents from time to time for various forums and industrial meets. The division interacts with scientist and facilitate in filing for securing Intellectual Property through CSIR HQ.