Traffic Engineering and Safety Division

Pioneer in developing traffic management system, Traffic Management Strategies for Urban Road Network and Highways, Road Safety Audit, Design of Transport Infrastructure, Imparting Knowledge to practicing Engineers, Transport Planners and Traffic Police in understanding the Traffic Management Options, Strategies, Measures and their applicability for Indian conditions

Thrust Areas

  1. Road Safety Audit Studies
  2. Road User Behaviour Studies
  3. Driver Testing & Evaluation
  4. Safety of Vulnerable Road Users
  5. Development and Evaluation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) for Indian Conditions
  6. Corridor Improvement Studies for Urban Areas and National Highways
  7. Traffic Engineering and Management Studies for Various Metropolitan Cities
  8. Fuel Consumption  Experiments
  9. Geometric Design of Roads and Intersections
  10. Development of Speed-Flow Relationship for Inter City Highways
  11. Design and Evaluation of Traffic Control Devices for Urban Roads and Highways
  12. Accident Analysis and Remedial Measures
  13. Economic Evaluation of Highway Projects
  14. Testing of High Security (Vehicle) Registration Plate
  15. Testing of Retro-Reflective Boards


  1. Road Safety Audit
  2. Planning and Design of Safety Measures for Vulnerable Road users and People with Disabilities (PWD)
  3. Road Safety Education
  4. Planning and Design of Transport Infrastructure
  5. Planning & Design of Roads, Intersections and Interchanges
  6. Testing and Evaluation of Traffic Control and Safety Devices
  7. Testing and  Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Drivers

Significant Achievements

  1. Manual for Road Safety Audit
  2. Manual for Safety in Road Design
  3. Road Safety Audit of National Highways (NH-1, NH-2, NH-4, NH-5, NH-7 Mumbra Bypass and Twelve packages of NHDP on DBFO basis (about 1200 km.)  in Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh

    Audit Team at under construction Verka Byepass on NH-15

    Design Audit of Junction at CH. 73.134 of NH-15 (Batala - Dera Baba Nanak Road)
  4. Road Safety Audit of Expressways (Noida Toll Road, Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway)
  5. ITS based Advanced Parking Management System at Palika Parking, New Delhi.
  6. Video based Incident Detection System and Loop based Traffic Incident Detection System for Congestion Monitoring
  7. Design of traffic control systems (signs and marking) for flyovers in Delhi and section of Ring Road New Delhi.
  8. Comprehensive Traffic and Transportation Plan for Major cities (Nagpur, Surat, Lucknow, Ghaziabad etc.)
  9. Traffic Management Plans and Infrastructure Development Plans for Corridors, Intersections and CBD Areas in Delhi, Lucknow, Jamshedpur (including Tata Steel) Nagpur, Surat, Amravati, Tuticorin Port, Ghaziabad etc. 

    Design of Polytechnic Intersection, Lucknow
  10. Traffic and Parking Management Plan for area inside and around ICT, Tughlakabad

    View of Parking at ICD Tughlakabad
  11. Type approval for manufacturer of HSRP and conducting tests for Conformity of Production (COP) of HSRP
  12. Film on No Mobile When Mobile both in English and Hindi
  13. Road User Behaviour Studies like Road Rage Hazards of Distracted Driving Hazards of Using Mobile when Mobile, Drinking & Driving
  14. Road Safety Studies for Vulnerable Road Users like Pedestrians, Cyclists, Disabled, Elderly Women Children etc.

R&D Facilities

  1. Fuel Meter with Data Acquisition System
  2. Radar Guns for Speed Measurement
  3. TRANSYT 12.0 Software
  5. HEADS 14.0
  6. Variable Message Signs
  7. Computerized Equipment for Psycho-physical Evaluation of Motor Vehicle Drivers and OTHER Road Users
  8. Portable Automatic Vehicle Count Classifier (PAVCC)
  9. Car Driving Simulator
  10. State of the art Photometry Laboratory
  11. Reflectivity and Retro-reflectivity Measuring equipments
  12. Vienna Test system for measuring drivers’ reaction and decision time


    Trainings Programmes conducted

S. No.

Training Programme

Sponsored by



Customized 15 day Training Programme on "Road Safety Audit (RSA) and Other Road Safety Related Aspects" for the Road Safety Auditors / Highway Engineers / Traffic Engineers /  Transportation Planners and Student Interns ", from 15th to 30th May, 2017 wherein a total of 30 engineers were imparted training.

In House




Skill Development & Training on Road Safety Audit for Highway Engineers at Highway Research Station (HRS), Chennai, Tamilnadu

( 2nd Batch)

HRS, Chennai




Skill Development & Training on Road Safety Audit for Highway Engineers of Bihar State (Three batches)

Govt. of. Bihar


(June, October and November 2016)


Skill Development & Training on Road Safety Audit for Highway Engineers for Odisha PWD Engineers (2nd Batch)