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CSIR-CRRI Photometry Lab

Instrument Detail

CSIR-CRRI Photometry Lab

For coefficient of retroreflection of sign sheets and reflectivity of road marking, studs

Make               : RoadVista
Model              : 940D

Specification :

• Provides complete and accurate retroreflection measurements
• Three-axis goniometer with 6.5" resolution - β1, β2 AND ε conforms to international standards
• Observation Angle Positioner (OAP) with 3 ARC-SECONDS conforms to ASTM and international Recommendations
• Photoreceptor with a photopic-corrected silicon detector, f1'<3%
• Stable and uniform illuminant A projection light source
• Variable separation from 5 to 30 meters with 5th-axis option
• Measurement capability for all types of Retroreflective materials and light sources
• Night time retroreflected color, lamp and LED color with optional Gamma Scientific RadOMA spectroradiometer system
• An index control unit
• PC running Windows 2000 or Windows XP

Working Principles

CSIR-CRRI Photometry Lab

  • Hardware Configuration Key Features: Separate room with black coating and gamma scientific software to control and operate the machine is available.
  • Software Configuration Key Features: The default parameters are set based on the configuration and set up of the instrument in the lab
  • Real life scenaio of different entrance and observation angles are created in the lab by moving the goniometer and photoreceptor for the matrix angles given in the ASTM or other  standards
  • Coefficient of retroreflection of sign sheets for different standard angles and reflectivity of road marking and studs  can be generated as a separate file and store in the computer


  • RoadVista’s precision laboratory photometric range system meets international standards for measuring retroreflection properties of materials and lamps (Road sign sheets, road marking, studs and lamps). 
  • The complete system provides all the measurement components required in the ASTM E809, E810 and E811 with optional color measurement systems.

User Instructions

Instruction Manual Available

Contact Details

Delhi-Mathura Road
P.O: CRRI, New Delhi-110025
Phone: +91-11-26848917
Email Id: director [dot] crri [at] nic [dot] in

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