Transport Planning and Environment Division

The Transportation Planning and Environment Division strives to develop new tools, methods, technologies and policies by doing cutting edge R & D and Consultancy projects in the area of Comprehensive traffic and transportation studies, City Mobility Plans (CMP), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) with real time traffic and weather information, Soft-computing Techniques for travel demand modelling, Freight travel demand modelling, logistics planning and its apps, Smart Parking, Low cost road asset management, Facility location planning, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Digital Image Processing Applications, Transportation Economics & Fuel consumption, Vehicular emission, Transport Noise and Vibration, traffic impact assessment, Quality of environment and Road safety for Children, Planning for Sustainable Public Transportation and Non motorised transport, Transport policies and plan  for congestion management. This division wishes to facilitate in imparting training and skill development among highways and transportation fellow professionals fraternity leading for an effective and efficient movement of people and goods, shaping of urban & rural forms, improving economic and environmental  vitality and quality of life for all.


The major areas of R&D activities and services offered include all aspects related to

  • Transportation planning and modeling
  • Comprehensive traffic and transportation planning studies
  • Techno-economic feasibility studies of roads and transportation system
  • Fuel consumption and emission studies, road user cost studies, impact of road condition on fuel consumption
  • Planning for sustainable public transport, feeder IPT mode  and non-motorized transport
  • Freight travel demand modeling and its apps
  • Travel demand estimation using soft-computing techniques
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for effective and efficient traffic management
  • Smart parking technology and solutions
  • Rural connectivity and safety
  • Transportation noise and vibration: measurement, modeling and mitigations
  • Traffic and environmental impact assessment of housing,  roads and transportation projects (Metro, highway and Railway) vehicular pollution monitoring and road dust control
  • Measurements, monitoring and evaluation of air and  noise pollutions due to road & transportation projects
  • Development of policy tools kits by integrating environment  and transportation projects
  • Transport related GHG emission studies,
  • Studies on the effect of air and noise pollution on the health of population
  • Development of pollution measurement smart sensors using nano technology
  • Human response to vibration


  • Comprehensive Traffic & Transportation Studies for Cities.
  • Techno- Economic Feasibility Studies .
  • Road User Cost Studies.
  • Traffic Impact Analysis- Office complex Housing, roads, transportation .
  • Estimation of Traffic Loads on Urban Roads.
  • Transportation System Management.
  • Noise Mapping & Vibration Studies.
  • Monitoring, Measurement, Modeling & Evaluation of Noise Pollution.
  • Mode Choice Modeling.
  • Travel Demand Forecasting for Passenger and Freight.
  • Travel Demand Estimation using Soft-computing Techniques.
  • Public transit assignment .
  • Vehicle  Exhaust Emission Studies .
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) & Management for smart Cities & Villages.
  • Fuel consumption and idling emission study and its mitigation.
  • Rural road safety, traffic park and rural  connectivity .
  • Pollution Sensor development using nano technology.
  • Digital Image and signal processing for automated vehicle counting and classification .
  • Low cost road and transportation  asset management .
  • Feasibility of E Highway, E vehicles and its infrastructure.
  • Apps for transportation solutions.
  • Low cost driver simulator.

Software Tools:

  • S-Paramics
  • Cube
  • TransCAD
  • SPSS
  • Arc GIS
  • Sigma Plot
  • Sigma Scan
  • InRoads
  • OD_Soft
  • Primevera
  • Samurai
  • NWwia