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Staff List of Division Traffic Engineering and Safety

A. Mohan Rao
Dr. A. Mohan Rao
Senior Principal Scientist
S. Velmurugan
Dr. S. Velmurugan
Chief Scientist
Neelima Chakraborty
Dr. Neelima Chakraborty
Senior Principal Scientist
Subhash Chand
Sh. Subhash Chand
Senior Principal Scientist
Dr. J.Nataraju
Senior Principal Scientist
Sippy K. Chauhan
Dr. Sippy K. Chauhan
Principal Scientist
Ashutosh Arun
Sh. Ashutosh Arun
Senior Scientist
Ramesh Ch. Majh
Sh. Ramesh Ch. Majh
Kamini Gupta
Smt. Kamini Gupta
Senior Technical Officer (2)
Rajan Verma
Sh. Rajan Verma
Technical Officer
Vijay Kumar Rathore
Sh. Vijay Kumar Rathore
Technical Assistant
Mohd. Akil
Sh. Mohd. Akil
Technical Assistant
Aniket Ranjan
Sh. Aniket Ranjan
Technician (2)
Mukesh Kumar
Sh. Mukesh Kumar
Technician (1)
Sh. Sikander
Technician (1)
Anija TS
Smt. Anija TS
Technician (1)
Raj Bala
Smt. Raj Bala
Work Assistant