Quality Policy and Objectives

Quality Policy

The Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) endeavours to develop Professional Excellence in the area of Roads and Road Transport and to undertake Research & Development (R&D) Programmes, Consultancy Services and HRD Programmes to evolve appropriate solutions to the diverse technical problems faced by the profession.

Quality Objectives

Undertake R&D Programme in the Pertinent Areas of the Institute. The Institute has the mandate to undertake R&D programmes in consonance with International practices taking into account the specific national requirements. The Institute will continue to imbibe the best in global developments in related fields, and adapt the same to suit the specific needs of the nation. The Institute has built in mechanism for monitoring quality and performance of such as application of R&D findings in actual practice, directly and or indirectly; R&D output in terms of papers published, thesis & dissertations supervised; Patents, Processes developed and filed; Technologies developed, transferred and commercialized; R&D Equipments designed, fabricated and commercialized; Contributions in terms of development of Standards, Manuals, Specifications, Guidelines and other national level documents/reports etc. Provide Consultancy Services The Institute provides consultancy, testing and calibration services to the full satisfaction of clients in creating economical and sustainable highways, bridges, airports and transportation infrastructure including their maintenance and rehabilitation by way of Projects completed, Projects in hand and Projects in pipeline; Technical reports prepared and submitted to the sponsors on completion of the projects; External Cash in Flow (ECF) earned & Custormer Satisfaction Evaluation(CSE) through CSE feedback received. Professional Excellence through HRD The Institute continuously strives for team building and encourages and motivates its staff in improving their qualifications and skills through HRD programme and other avenues such as Seminars, Conferences attended and organized; Membership of professional bodies & special contribution & Honors, Awards and Prizes conferred on the Institute and to the Individuals to enhance their outputs so as to achieve professional excellence in their areas of specialization.