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Description : The Kane Auto Plus 4-2 Emission analyzers contain all the benefits and features the uses have come to expect from the exhaust gas analyzers including a monochrome (x) VGA display and Bluetooth.  Auto plus analysers are portable and handheld. They can be used on petrol/gasoline/LPG, CNG and diesel vehicles.  The AC and 12 V Power supply provides upto to 4 hrs internal batter life.

Make               : Autoplus 4 -2 From Kane International Ltd.
Model              :
Specification :

  • Manochrome (x) VGA display
  • Easy to Road and informative
  • Bluetooth
  • Compact-design
  • Car incorporate 4 or 5 gas options
  • Pump speed control
  • Improves battery life
  • Select faster printing when used
  • With optional KM IRPZ

Working Principles

Modern gas analyzers  use nondispersive in- frared technology to detect ascertain gas by detecting the absorption of infrared wavelengths that is the characteristic of that gas.  A detector measures in energy after the infrared energy has passed through the gas to be measured. This is compared to the energy at reference condition of no absorption.


  • Autoplus 4-2 measures CO, HC, CO2 and Lambda.  The Auto Plus 5-2 also measures NOx.

User Instructions


Contact Details

Dr. Ravindra Kumar
Principal Scientist, Transport Planning Division
Shri Satish Kumar
Senior Technical Officer (1), Transport Planning Division

Delhi-Mathura Road
P.O: CRRI, New Delhi-110025
Email Id: ravinder [dot] crri [at] nic [dot] in

Instrument Usage Charges (Including GST)

Analyser Rs 5000/- Per day 8 Hours