Network Survey Vehicle

Instrument Detail

Network Survey Vehicle

Make               : ARRB Group Limited, AUSTRALIA
Model              : HAWKEYE 2000
Specification :

Working Principles and Applications

The Network Survey Vehicle is based on the latest survey techniques utilizing Laser, Global Positioning System and Video image processing tools etc. The Survey Vehicle is used for automatic collection of road inventory and pavement condition related data required for Road Asset Management, Pavement Maintenance Management System and Road Safety Audit Related Studies. The system is capable of collecting the following information at Highway Speeds:

  • Longitudinal profiling (International Roughness Index)
  • Transverse profiling (Rut Depth)
  • Pavement Texture in terms of Mean Profile Depth
  • Road Geometry Data (cross slope, gradient, curvature)
  • GPS coordinates (X, Y, Z) viz. longitude, latitude & altitude
  • Video imaging for Roadside furniture / Road Assets
  • Video imaging for Pavement Surface Distresses

User Instructions

  • The survey speed shall be within 30 to 80 kmph.
  • The pavement surface shall not be WET for data collection using LASER sensors.
  • The survey shall be conducted under good daylight conditions for video data.
  • The survey system incorporates the use of LASER technique for data collection and so a trained operator on “LASER SAFETY” is mandatory.
  • The survey vehicleshall only be driven by a“TRAINED DRIVER” for safety reasons.
  • The system shall not be used for extremely bad road conditions.
  • The Institute charges depends upon location of site, length of site, no. of repetitions, no. of parameters to be collected and nature of data analysis.

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