Steel Roller Compactor

Instrument Detail

Steel Roller Compactor

Make               : Infratest, Germany
Model              : EN 12697-33

Working Principles, Specification and Applications

For preparation of bituminous slab of desired depth by method of roller compaction:
Sample size - 320 x 260 mm,  height 40 to 120 mm,  put into the mould and compacted by roller segment where mould and roller segment are electronically controlled. Compaction sequence is controlled by PC and removal of sample by electro – hydraulic extruder.  Mould and roller segment are equipped with electronically controlled heating devices.

User Instructions

  • Prepare the bituminous mix sample as per the dimensions given above
  • Heat the sample at the testing temperature and place in the mould
  • Put the sample in the compactor equipment
  • The mould should also have the same testing temperature
  • Allow the roller to compact using operating instructions given in the laptop
  • Operate the system
  • Cut the sample for Marshal sample size or beam size

Contact Details

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Instrument Usage Charges (Including GST)

  • Industry:   Rs. 50,000.00 (Fifty Thousand)
  • University: Rs. 37,500.00 (Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred)
  • National Labs/R&Ds: Rs. 37,500.00 (Thirty Seven Thousand Five Hundred)