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Maintenance Division

The main function of this Estate services is to provide Infrastructure related to R&D works. It consists of following divisions:

  1. Civil Engineering  (CIVIL)
  2. Electrical Engineering (ELECTRICAL)
  3. Maharani Bagh Staff Quarter- Maintenance (MBSQ-MTCE)


The main function of this division is to provide Civil Infrastructure related to R&D works of the Institute. Some of the works, in which CIVIL division is involved, are as follows:

  • Renovation of offices, laboratories, roads and other buildings/structures.
  • Constructions of offices, staff quarters, roads and other buildings/structures
  • Installation of equipment by providing suitable foundation / support etc.
  • Maintenance of all buildings, structures and roads
  • Water supply and sanitation
  • Special repairs, waterproofing, etc.
  • Cleaning / upkeeping services of office campus & staff quarters.
  • Firefighting equipment installation
  • Development and maintenance of Lawns and Landscaping


The main function of this division is to provide Electrical Infrastructure related to R&D works of the Institute. ELECTRICAL division is looking after the following works:

  • Operation and maintenance of 11 kV substation, DG sets, Lifts
  • Internal and external electrification
  • Renovation and refurbishment


The main function of this section is primarily to maintain & construct the residential campus including flats/ quarters for the staff of the Institute. The section carries out works through contracts as well as in-house. The various activities on which the section is involved are:

  • Structural rehabilitation and maintenance/repair of all the buildings/ structures/ roads/ water tanks located in the campus.
  • Construction of building/ roads/ water tanks & other civil works like water supply & Sanitation.
  • Special & urgent repairs, water proofing works.
  • Fire fighting equipment installations & its regular upkeep.
  • All works related to electrical maintenance/New works.
  • Maintenance of electrical installations and lifts installed in multi-storey building.
  • Development and maintenance of lawns and landscaping etc.