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Staff List of Division Engineering Service Division

Rajeev Goel
Dr. Rajeev Goel
Head ESD, Chief Scientist
Sh. A.K. Sabharwal
Principal Technical Officer
A. K. Tripathi
Sh. A. K. Tripathi
Principal Technical Officer
Om Prakash Yadav
Sh. Om Prakash Yadav
Senior Technical Officer (2)
Kewal Krishan Gola
Sh. Kewal Krishan Gola
Senior Technical Officer (1)
Vaibhav Varshney
Sh. Vaibhav Varshney
Technical Officer
Hemraj Meena
Sh. Hemraj Meena
Technical Assistant
Parwez Akhtar
Sh. Parwez Akhtar
Technical Assistant
Ankit Kumar Nishad
Sh. Ankit Kumar Nishad
Technical Assistant
H.L. Sachdev
Sh. H.L. Sachdev
Senior Technician (2)
Krishna Kanhaiya Lodha
Sh. Krishna Kanhaiya Lodha
Technician (1)
Vineet Kumar Sharma
Sh. Vineet Kumar Sharma
Technician (1)
Kartik Dutta
Sh. Kartik Dutta
Technician (1)
Kailash Kumar
Sh. Kailash Kumar