Projects of Rigid Pavements Division

S.No. Title Sponsor/Client
1 Third Party Quality assurance of Road works in Fruit, Vegetable and Grain market at IFC Ghazipur, New Delhi Delhi Agricultural marketing Board
2 Quality Assurance at Wazirpur Industrial area MCD-Delhi
3 Improvement and strengthening of Bijwasan road from Jathikara more to NH-8 MCD-Delhi
4 Quality control for the construction of cement concrete road from EDM to Ghazipur Fruit & Grain market entrance ( Road no -56A), Delhi Public Works Department (PWD).
5 Improvement of roads of 60feet ROW and above by providing R.M.C pavement (Phase MCD-Delhi
6 Third Party Quality Control for Construction of RCC covered storm water drain from village Tilangpur Kolta and Baprola outfalling in Mungeshpur Drain in Distt. West, Delhi Irrigation and Flood Control Dept.
7 Improvement and strengthening of Vijaynagar road from N.G.Drain to Polo road and 3rd party quality assurance MCD-Delhi
8 Concrete Mix Design and 3rd Party Quality Control of C.C Pavements Construction of Internal Lanes at NDMC
9 Proof checking and Review of Rigid Pavement Design for NH-69 (Nagpur to Betul) Indian Technocrat Ltd, New Delhi
10 Review of Design of concrete pavement to be constructed at Atali Housing Estate Bharuch Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation
11 Review of design for Concrete Pavement to be constructed in vilayat Industrial Estate at Bharuch, Gujarat GIDC, Bharuch
12 Review of Design for concrete pavement to be constructed in Savli Industrial Estate, Baroda GIDC, Baroda
13 Design of Concrete pavement for strengthening and restoration of MGR Road from Sirsoti to Ganyari, Sonebhadra, U.P NTPC, U.P
14 Design of concrete overlay at Gheza road in the reach of Bhangel Village Noida Authority
15 Design of cement concrete pavement at Bhangel village on DSC road, Noida, U.P Noida Authority
16 Design of concrete pavement in the premises of school of planning and Architecture, New Delhi SPA, New Delhi
17 Construction of concrete Road of APG obstacle test track for tracked vehicle at VRDE Ahmednagar DRDO
18 Design of Concrete Road above WBM in Chemical Traders I.F.C. Narela Sub-City DDA
19 Design of Rigid pavement at Loni road from Wazirabad to U.P. Border MCD
20 Design of concrete overlay for distressed existing bituminous Road, Jharsugoha IB Thermal Power Plant Orrisa
21 Design of Rigid Pavement at T-Junction Khoda village sector 57 & 62 Noida Noida Development Authority
22 Design of Rigid Pavement on 2nd entry road to Nizamuddin Rly.Station MCD-Delhi
23 Design of cement concrete road-Dadri T-Point Greater Noida Greater Noida Development Authority
24 Design of cement concrete road at Fish and Egg market, Gazipur, New Delhi Delhi Agricultural marketing Board
25 Design of Concrete Pavement for SLF site at Ghazipur, Delhi MCD, Delhi
26 Design of Concrete Pavement in Supreme Court Premises, New Delhi CPWD, New Delhi
27 Design of Cement Concrete Pavement for internal lanes of NDMC Colonies, New Delhi NDMC, New Delhi
28 Design of Concrete pavement for strengthening and restoration of approach Road from Mussorie & Dadri to NTPC Plant, Dadri NTPC, Dadri
29 Design of Concrete Pavement for Dhansa Road from Najafgarh to Dhansa Border,Delhi MCD, Delhi
30 Evaluation of Fly ash and Development of HVFA Concrete Mixes for the construction of Concrete Road from Dadri to DHERAJHAL NTPC, Dadri
31 Suitability of ultra thin white topping using high performance fibre reinforced concrete for resurfacing of existing asphalt pavement Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune
32 Quality And Performance Evaluation Of Rigid Pavement Under Concrete Packages Ku-IV And Ku NHAI
33 Strengthening Of Existing Concrete Surface Of Speed Track Paving At Heavy Vehicle Factory, Avadi Heavy Vehicle Factory, Avadi, Chennai
34 Quality And Performance Evaluation Of Rigid Pavement Under NHDP NHAI
35 Quality And Performance Of Rigid Pavement Under Golden Quadrilateral Project NHAI
36 Evaluation Of Recron 3s Polyester Fibres For Use In Paving Grade Cement Concrete Reliance Industries Ltd
37 An investigation on the relationship between surface to surface (in-direct) and direct transmission mode of ultrasonic pulse velocity through concrete member CSIR-CRRI
38 Evaluation of properties of high volume fly ash concrete for pavements CSIR-CRRI
39 Study of strength of concrete vis-a-vis grades of cement in the market CSIR-CRRI
40 Evaluation of recycled aggregate for use in pavement construction CSIR-CRRI
41 A study on dry lean concrete with PPC CSIR-CRRI
42 Evaluation of Wollastonite in Cement Concrete Works Wolkem India Ltd, Udaipur
43 Sand Stabilization with Magnesium Oxychloride Cement Border Roads Organization
44 Potential of magnesium oxy chloride cement in paving concrete Department of Science & Technology
45 Demonstration of CRRI technology for the construction of 750 m test stretch road using marble slurry dust in Rajsamand district, Rajasthan DSIR
46 Investigation and suggestion for rectification of cracked slabs of NH-4 (km 515 to km 592) Independent Engineers & North Karnataka Expressway Limited
47 Use of High Volume fly Ash concrete in concrete road construction at NTPC Dadri and Roller Compacted Concrete road at NTPC Ramagundam NTPC Dadri
48 Feasibility study using Lead Zinc slag as fine aggregate for the construction of embankments, GSB, concrete and bituminous layers. Hindustan Zinc Limited, Chittorgarh
49 Evaluation of Suitably of Oil Well Drill Cuttings for Road Making ONGC
50 Investigation of Cracked Pavement Quality Concrete Slabs in Fatehpur to kokhraj section of NH-2 (km 100 to km 158) NHAI-PIU, Allahabad
51 Studies on Performance Evaluation of Rigid Pavement on High Density Traffic Corridors using Instrumentation MoRTH, Govt. Of India, New Delhi