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CSIR-CRRI Logo Policy

CSIR-CRRI has been working with different stakeholders in developing various technologies/ products and involved in transfer of technologies/ products to stakeholders to commercialise these technologies. CSIRCRRI logo may be used for promotional activities of the products and services at various forums. The policy to use CSIR-CRRI logo by the stakeholders is given below :

I. CSIR-CRRI Licensees
II. MoUs signed Agencies with CSIR-CRRI
III. Sponsor of Externally funded projects executed by CSIR-CRRI.

The above stakeholders shall approach CSIR-CRRI for use of the logo with specific request and purpose.

Restriction cases for use of CSIR-CRRI logo by stakeholders:

(i) Project site
(ii) Invoice
(iii) Reports
(iv) Visiting cards
(v) Letter heads
(vi) Any other case which are not mentioned in Section I, II and III above