Strain Measuring System (Vibrating wire method)

Instrument Details

Strain Measuring System (Vibrating wire method)

Make : dataTaker
Model : DT600 Series
Specification :  

Strain Measuring System (Vibrating wire method)

The Datataker range of data loggers are all microprocessor-based battery powered or mains powered data loggers which can measure all of the fundamental signal types, and have direct support built in for a wide range of commonly used sensors. Data manipulation includes sensor calibrations, real-time statistical functions, and real-time calculations. The acquired data can either be returned to a host computer in real time, or can be logged into memory for later recovery. Data can be stored in battery backed internal memory, or in PC Card (PCMCIA) memory cards which can be periodically removed from the logger.

Working Principles

Vibrating wire strain gauges are essentially taut wires which change their natural resonant frequency in proportion to the square root of tension placed on them. In practice these elements are used in various sensors designed to measure soil pore pressure, strain in structure, rock stress, overburden pressure, etc.

Strain Measuring System (Vibrating wire method)


  1. Environmental
  2. Industrial
  3. Structural & Geotechnical
  4. Hydrological

User Instructions

  1. Installation of sensors should be as per the guidance.
  2. Connection of wire to the channel of data taker should be proper.
  3. Before installation of sensors no of channels compatible with datataker may be ensured.
  4. Programming is as per the gauge connected to the channel.
  5. Power connection should be proper.
  6. Downloading data should be periodically carried out.

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