Pile Integrity Tester (PIT)

Instrument Details

Pile Integrity Tester (PIT)

Make : Pile Dynamics, Inc.- USA
Model : PIT- X

Working Principles

PIT-X is an instrument for integrity testing of foundations by low-strain surface-impact methods. It features small size, extreme portability and wireless transmission of data from the sensing device to the electronic unit.

The PIT-X acquires processes, enhances, and reports data. The test engineer must interpret the data according to wave propagation theory. The results obtained are only as accurate as the engineer's understanding of the principles involved. The liability for the results obtained therefore rests solely on the persons testing, interpreting, and reporting the results; PDI accepts no liability regarding the applicability or suitability of these tests to any particular situation.

The PIT-X supports the Pulse-Echo Method (PEM), which the user should become thoroughly proficient in. Some theory is discussed in this user manual as it relates to the PIT-X operation, but this discussion is neither definitive nor exhaustive. PEM and related methods, as well as data interpretation are discussed more elaborately in the Appendices.


The PIT-X is a one-person operation with data that may reveal potentially dangerous defects in concrete pile such as:

  • Major cracks
  • Necking
  • Bulging

User Instructions

  1. Precaution while handling the equipment.
  2. Use a grinder or other tools as necessary to smooth uneven surfaces and to remove contaminated or loose material where the accelerometer is to be attached and where the pile is to be struck by the hammer.
  3. Petroleum jelly works nicely in cold weather. Other adhesive materials such as plastic clay or bowl sealer wax can also be used. Attach the accelerometer to the pile top using a thin layer of bonding material; a thick layer can distort the signal.

Contact Details

Director, CSIR-Central Road research Institute, New Delhi
Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delh-110025

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