Pavement Evaluation Division

Systematic monitoring of pavement performance including structural and functional evaluation by using modern devices helps in achieving long lasting and better performing pavements and efficient management of road network within the given budget.

Major Thrust Areas

  • Pavement Performance Studies
  • Structural and Functional Evaluation of Highway and Airport Pavements
  • Rehabilitation Design
  • Pavement Deterioration Modelling
  • Pavement Maintenance Management System
  • Road Inventory and Condition Monitoring for Road Asset Management
  • Investigation of Causes of Distress / Failures and Needed Remedial Measures
  • Axle Load Studies for Planning of M&R Strategies

Infrastructure Facilities

  • Automated Road Survey System for Road Inventory and Pavement Condition Surveys
  • Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD) for Structural Evaluation of Highways and Runways
  • Weigh in Motion System for Axle Load Surveys
  • Integrated System for Determining the Performance Characteristics of Asphalt Mixture
  • Static Wheel Load Scales
  • DIPSTICK and Walking Profiler for Absolute Roughness Measurements
  • Automated Road Unevenness Recorder/Fifth Wheel Bump Integrator for Roughness Measurements
  • Roughometer-III with GPS for Roughness Measurements
  • Car Axle Mounted Bump Integrator with GPS for Roughness Measurements
  • Accelerated Polishing Machine for Frictional Properties of Aggregates
  • British Pendulum Tester for Frictional Properties of Pavement Surface
  • Materials Testing Laboratory for Soils, Aggregates, Bituminous Binders and Bituminous Mixes

Non-Destructive Techniques for Pavement Evaluation Integrated System for Determining the Performance Characteristics of Asphalt Mixture

Expertise (Research & Development and Consultancy Services)

  • Structural and functional evaluation of flexible and rigid pavements
  • Evaluation and characterization of road construction materials
  • Design, construction and maintenance of flexible pavements
  • Pavement performance evaluation and distress / failure investigations
  • Strengthening/rehabilitation of flexible pavements
  • Road inventory and pavement condition surveys
  • Axle load studies
  • Pavement deterioration modeling
  • Highway Development and Management (HDM-4) Tool for strategic planning of road works 
  • Development of pavement maintenance management system
  • Evaluation of PCN for airfield pavements and maintenance and rehabilitation needs

Laboratory and Field Testing Facilities

  • Characterization of highway construction materials
  • Automated road inventory and pavement condition survey
  • Functional and structural evaluation of pavements
  • Frictional properties of pavement surface
  • Polished stone value of road aggregates
  • Axle load spectrum surveys
  • Standardization of Automatic Road Unevenness Recorder / Bump Integrator

Software Tools

  1. HDM-4’ for Pavement Maintenance Management System and M&R Planning and Budgeting
  2. ‘PDM’ for Pavement Deterioration Modeling
  3. ‘Roadface’ for Computation of International Roughness Index (IRI)
  4. Analysis of Pavement Deflections Data
  5. AutoCAD-2009
  6. Arc Editor

Significant Achievements

  • Pavement Performance studies
  • Development of pavement deterioration models for Indian conditions
  • Development of GIS Based National Highways Information System
  • Development of Management System for Maintenance Planning and Budgeting of High Speed Road Corridors
  • Development of Database Management for Delhi PWD Roads
  • Road Inventory and Pavement Condition Survey for Road Asset Management of Odisha PWD Roads 
  • PCN Evaluation and Strengthening Requirements for National Airports
  • Spectrum of axle loads on National Highways