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Pull-out Test Apparatus for Geosynthetics / GI strips

Instrument Details

Pull-out Test Apparatus for Geosynthetics / GI strips

Make:Specifications prepared by CSIR - CRRI and instrument fabricated by AIMILModel:Indigenously developedSpecification:

  • Steel box, in which the back fill material and geosynthetics specimens are placed, has inner dimensions of 1540 mm X 1100 mm X 1000 mm
  • Normal Load and Pullout load can be up to 250kN
  • Variable strain rates (0.5 mm/min, 1 mm/min, 3 mm/min, 5 mm/min ) available
  • Robust and accurate data acquisition system
  • The displacement at the front is measured using LVDT's
  • Rugged and sturdy Construction to ensure accuracy of results

Working Principles

As per ASTM Standard D6706 – 01 (2013) Standard Test Method for Measuring Geosynthetic Pullout resistance.


Laboratory pullout test apparatus is used for determination of pullout coefficient / coefficient of interaction between reinforcement (GI Strips, Geosynthetics, etc) and back fill material in RE walls. ‘Reinforced Soil’ technology involves inserting reinforcement (geosynthetics or GI Strips) inside earth fill during construction of embankment. To ensure that backfill earth and reinforcement act together as one entity, there must be enough mobilisation of friction between the earth fill and the reinforcement, so that ‘Pull out failure’ of reinforcement does not occur. This equipment is meant for measuring pull out resistance of soil reinforcement materials with different types of backfill materials. These results are useful for designing safe and economical reinforced earth structures.

User Instructions

  1. Use the actual backfill material which is proposed for the construction.
  2. Geosynthetic material strength properties and applied  normal load should be intimated
  3. Approximately 4000 kg of backfill material and 30 m length of geosynthetic material / GI strip (in Numbers) would be required for testing

Contact Details

Principal Scientist, CSIR-CRRI, New Delhi
Email: pulikanti [at] gmail [dot] com,  Mobile: 9013471432

Instrument Usage Charges(Including GST)

For price details contact Dr. P. S. Prasad, Mob: +91 9013471431