Mechanical and Transport Division

Thrust  Areas

  • Design and development of mechanical equipment required by R&D divisions
  • Repair of mechanical equipment
  • Transport Management

Significant  Achievements

  • Fabrication of Mould for I - Section Beam Casting
  • Development  of Ponding cum Debris Expulsion  Test Equipment (Patent Applied)
  • Creation of Expansion Joint Testing Facility
  • Development of Nuclear Density Gauge mounting  device
  • Development of LVDT mounting device
  • Development of Falling Weight Impact Tester
  • Fabrication of Chimney models etc.
  • Design & Development of Gym Facility

Major Infrastructural  Facilities

  • Spot Welding machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Welding Set (portable)
  • Surface  Grinder
  • Gas welding set


Design & Development of Gym Facility