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Vision, Mission and Key Objectives


“To become a Global Leader to Enrich and Integrate Research, Innovation, Development and their Application to Meet the Challenges of the Road Transportation Sector”.


  1. To nurture scientific talent for development of safe and sustainable transportation system.
  2. To be a renowned knowledge generator and repository for innovative technological and inclusive solutions in the areas of roads and multi-modal transport system.
  3. To benchmark internationally the product portfolio of the Institute.
  4. To provide an effective R&D platform for close interactions with stakeholders in the area of road transportation sector.

Key Objectives

The scientific & technical objectives of CRRI are :

  1. To develop specifications, labor intensive methods and manual aids for construction of low cost, all weather village roads for under developed regions of the country.
  2. To carry out basic and applied research, in line with the national priorities for investigation, construction and maintenance of different types of roads and runway, including related material such as aggregates, bitumen, cement, etc. with a view to effecting economy and achieving serviceability.
  3. To develop appropriate tools, machinery, equipment and instruments for adopting technologies as related to highway engineering and relevant to the country to achieve indigenous self-sufficiency.
  4. To carry out research on the performance of different types of roads under varying climatic and traffic conditions.
  5. To carry out research and development in all aspects of road traffic and transportation engineering, including study of accidents, development of road safety measure, psychology of road users and transportation economics as related to different forms of transport.
  6. To carry out research on utilisation of locally available materials for construction and maintenance or roads & runways economically.
  7. To render technical advice and consultancy services to various organisation in roads and related fields to avoid import of foreign expertise.
  8. To train road technologists through refresher courses, workshops and training programmes for wider application of indigenously developed technologies.
  9. To create and establish all the necessary infrastructure, both in equipment and expertise, in the various facets of highway and transportation engineering and allied subject as and where need be to achieve judicious solutions for special problems.
  10. To develop and assist other institutions for scientific study of problems concerning roads, road transportation and related practices in particular regions.