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Universal Testing Machine 5kN (UTM)

Instrument Details

Universal Testing Machine 5kN (UTM)

Make : Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
Model : Autograph, AGS-J
Specification :  
1. Capacity : 5 kN
2. Testing Space : 1100 mm (Height)
: 420 mm (Width)
3. Speed Range : 0.5 to 500 mm/min
4. Speed Setting resolution : 1.0 mm/min
5. Speed accuracy : ± 0.5% or 0.025 mm/min

Working Principles

It is fully automatic operated universal testing machine which realized ease-of-operation. It consist of high precision electronic control panel which incorporating control, optics, sensors and information processing. It is computer operated compatible Trapezium Software which provides simplified user operation with wizards and the industry premier navigation system. This machine is very useful to test any material which is subjected to tension and compression such as aluminum sheets, thin wire, rubber (neoprene seal). The Extensometer is used to measure the elongation of different type of the materials.


  • Estimation of Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation Percentage of Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
  • It is also used to measure the Compression Strength, Flexural Strength of plastic components and Peel off Strength between two different materials such as adhesion strength between the rubber part and steel strip.

User Instructions

  1. When the load cell is not mounted or applied force cannot be transmitted to the load cell, do not operate the machine to apply force to the cross head. If force is applied to the cross head in such conditions, over force cannot be deducted, causing the frame or jig to be damaged.
  2. Make sure the force applied between the crossyoke or crosshead do not exceed the allowable force range. Applying over force deforms the crossyoke, disabling the crosshead operation.
  3. Before operating the crosshead , be sure to the set up the crosshead stroke limit switch.

Contact Details

CSIR-Central Road Research Institute,
Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi-110025
Phone: 011-26832173, 26832325
Email: director [dot] crri [at] nic [dot] in

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