Universal Testing Machine 2000kN (UTM)

Instrument Details

Universal Testing Machine 2000kN (UTM)

Make : Shimadzu (Asia Pacific) Pvt. Ltd., Singapore
Model : UH-2000kN
Specification :  
1. Capacity : 2000 kN
2. Max. grip to grip
: 1100 mm (in tensile)
: 950 mm (in compression)
3. Max. grip to grip
: ø 20 to 90 mm
: 50 mm/min
4. Grip for rods : 300 mm
5. Max. loading Speed : 850x850 mm
6. Ram Stroke : 300 mm
7. Effective table area : 850x850 mm

Working Principles

It is fully automated hydraulically operated universal testing machine which realized ease-of-operation. It consist of high precision electronic control panel which incorporating control, optics, sensors and information processing. It is computer operated compatible Trapezium Software which provides simplified user operation with wizards and the industry premier navigation system. This machine is very useful to test any material which is subjected to tension and compression such as steel bars, HT strands, Mechanical Couplers, Foundation bolts, Concrete Cubes and Cylinders and Concrete Beams. This machine also operated at different scales as per requirement such as 20kN, 40kN, 100kN, 200kN, 400kN, 1000kN upto its full capacity i.e. 2000kN. Different type of Extensometer is used to measure the elongation and modulus of elasticity of steel and concrete respectively.


  • Estimation of Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation Percentage, Reduction in Area, Bend and Re-bend etc. of Ferrous and Non-ferrous metals.
  • Compression Strength Cubes, Flexural Strength of Beams, Modulus of Elasticity in Cylinders of concrete.

User Instructions

  1. Extreme attention should be exercised when attaching/detaching the specimen, installing/uninstalling the test equipment, or operating the load frame associated with that work.
  2. Be sure to raise or lower the lower crosshead while checking that no interfering object exists between the lower crosshead and table or above the lower crosshead.
  3. Install protective cover depending on the shape of the specimen to prevent broken pieces of the specimen from flying off.
  4. In tensile tests, attach the grip jaw holder so that its entire length makes contact with the internal surface of the crosshead.
  5. In compression tests, do not apply a face pressure of 200 N/mm2 or greater to the platens. Do so may cause damage to the platens.
  6. Check the position of the limit switch before test.

Contact Details

CSIR-Central Road Research Institute,
Delhi-Mathura Road, New Delhi-110025
Phone: 011-26832173, 26832325
Website: http://www.crridom.gov.in
Email: director [dot] crri [at] nic [dot] in

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