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Patch Fill-Pothole Repair Solution for Bituminous Roads

IPR Status

Patch Fill-Pothole Repair Machine

Patch Fill-Pothole Repair Solution for Bituminous Roads

Provisional Patent is Filed in INDIA on 21st March 2014

No: 0821DEL2014
Title: Design and development of Pothole Repair Machine


Patch-fill solution is useful for faster filling of potholes in bituminous roads without causing any environmental pollution and hindrance to roads users. Potholes filled by Path-fill shall be long lasting.

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features

  • Produce 75 kg cold mix for pothole repair in 3 minutes.
  • Capacity of machine is 1 tonne mixture/hour.
  • Can repair potholes of all sizes
  • 8 potholes of 30cm×30cm×4cm can be repaired by one batch produced in 3 minutes
  •  Power Consumption: 5.5 kW per hour
  • Zero GHG emissions
  • Low cost of faster repair

Scale of Development
Laboratory and field

Environmental Consideration

  • Very low level of GHG Emission

Status of Commercialization
The Technology has been Transferred to the following companies:

  • M/s. Supreme Bituchem India Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra
  • M/s. Torchtar Membrance & Bituchem Products Pvt. Ltd, New Delhi
  • M/s. Leofab Projects Pvt. Ltd, Odisha
  • M/s. SM Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Guwahati

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized

  • Bitumen Emulsion,
  • Mineral Aggregate
  • Additives
  • Cutback bitumen

Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
Compressor, Pneumatic Controller and Plate Vibrator

The repair cost of repairing potholes using Patch-fill machine is comparatively less than imported machine/ conventional methods in shorter period. 

Technology Package
Technology package includes machine for spraying, mixing, compaction and formulation of mixture.