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Staff List

S.No. Name Designation Division
1 Ankit Kumar Senior Secretariat Assistant (G) Accounts Section
2 A. Mohan Rao Chief Scientist, Head CCN Traffic Engineering and Safety
3 A.C. Prajapati Technician (1) Information, Liaison & Training
4 A.K. Dhall Principal Scientist Bridge Engineering and Structures
5 A.K. Sabharwal Principal Technical Officer Engineering Service Division
6 A.P. Singh Principal Technical Officer Pavement Evaluation
7 Aakash Gupta Scientist Pavement Evaluation
8 Aashia Technician (2) Rigid Pavements
9 Abhijeet Kumar Technician (1) Establishment Section- I
10 Abhishek Mittal HoD, Principal Scientist Flexible Pavements
11 Ajay Kumar Jain HoD Quality Management & Mgmt. Rep., Senior Principal Scientist Pavement Evaluation
12 Aman Malik Senior Secretariat Assistant (G) Accounts Section
13 Ambika Behl Senior Principal Scientist Flexible Pavements
14 Amit Kumar Senior Technical Officer (1) Flexible Pavements
15 Amit Kumar Technician (1) Maharani Bagh Staff Quarter Maintenance
16 Amit Wasnik Technician (1) Geotechnical Engineering
17 Amresh Kumar Technical Assistant Pavement Evaluation
18 Anand Technician (1) Geotechnical Engineering
19 Aniket Ranjan Technician (2) Traffic Engineering and Safety
20 Anil Kumar Section Officer Accounts Section
21 Anil Kumar Lab Assistant Computer Center & Networking
22 Anil Kumar Sinha HoD, Senior Principal Scientist Geotechnical Engineering
23 Ankit Kumar Nishad Technical Assistant Engineering Service Division
24 Anshul Saxena Senior Technical Officer (1) Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation
25 Anupriya Technician (1) Flexible Pavements
26 Ashish Walia Scientist Flexible Pavements
27 Ashok Arora Principal Technical Officer Mechanical and Transport
28 Ashok Kumar Principal Technical Officer Horticulture
29 Ashok Kumar Sagar Senior Principal Scientist Pavement Evaluation
30 Ashwani Kumar Technician (1) Rigid Pavements
31 Avala Narayana Rao Technical Assistant Bridge Engineering and Structures
32 Beena A. Sequeira Controller of Administration Administration COA Office
33 Bhajan Singh JR. Stenographer (ACP) Right to Information Cell
34 Bhupendra Technical Assistant Geotechnical Engineering
35 C. Kamaraj Principal Technical Officer Flexible Pavements
36 Ch. Ravi Sekhar HoD, Chief Scientist Transport Planning and Environment
37 Chandan Kumar Technician (1) Bridge Engineering and Structures
38 Chander Kant Section Officer Establishment Section-ll
39 Chet Narain Attendant Guest House wing-1
40 Ching Lydia Senior Technical Officer (1) Knowledge Resource Centre
41 Chirag Kapoor Technician (1) Bridge Engineering and Structures
42 D. V. Singh Principal Technical Officer Maharani Bagh Staff Quarter Maintenance
43 Daya Ram Senior Technician (2) Transport Planning and Environment
44 Deepa Rawat Senior Secretariat Assistant (G) Accounts Section
45 Deepa S Scientist Pavement Evaluation
46 Desh Raj Work Assistant Administration AO Office
47 Devender Kumar Senior Technician (2) Mechanical and Transport
48 Dharam Pal Work Assistant Right to Information Cell
49 Dinesh Ganvir Principal Scientist Rigid Pavements
50 Dinesh Kumar Work Assistant Establishment Section-ll