Stepwise repeated De-stabilisation and Stabilisation of collapsible soil mass by "Soil Nailing Technique" used for construction of Railway/Road underpasses

IPR Status (Patent/Copyright/Trademark secured in Indian/Abroad)
Patented by CSIR-CRRI
India:   0233NF0211/INDIA
Sri Lanka: 0233NF0211/LK
United states: 0233NF0211/US
Number- 9359725, 7th June, 2016
Great Britain:  0233NF0211/GB

Wonderful technology which increases Safety and Stability in live loading condition for the construction of Underpass without disturbing the live traffic (Railway/Roads). Any un-authorised use of the aforesaid technology without obtaining consent/license to use from CSIR-CRRI shall be prosecuted under applicable laws.

Salient Technical Features including Competing Features
Stabilisation of collapsible Sand/soil irrespective of soil conditions (Ground Glucose)

Level/Scale of Development
Technology has been developed by CSIR-CRRI and Three large scale projects of underpasses below live railway track have been completed using the same.
(1. Delhi Yamuna Bazaar, 2. Apsara Border, Shahdara, 3. Shahibabad, Ghaziabad)

Environmental Considerations
The Soil Nailing Technology is Environmental friendly

Status of Commercialization
Under Process
The perspective clients are: 

  • Indian Railway and
  • PWD's
  • NHAI
  • Municipal Corporations and
  • Construction Industries, etc.

Major Raw Materials to be Utilized
Tor Steel as Soil Nails (easily available)

Major Plant Equipment and Machinery Required
Jack Hammer, Drilling machine, Air compressor& general accessories

Simple, Safe, light weight, Time saving, Cost Effective and Human Safety Technology

Technology Package
Technology Package will be prepared as per project requirement

Project-1 Railway Underpass near Yamuna Bazaar (near Old Steel Bridge)



Project-2 Railway Underpass Seemapuri To Anand Vihar